…suffer the poor little children of the us (and uk) to, well, suffer?…

…nothing like exceptional performance…

So UNICEF has a report on child poverty, and some members of the ‘community of civilized nations’ seem to have fared not so well. But before we get there, a digression, and an enlightening one.

On Sunday, 26 October 2014, in Brazil Dilma won her re-election from strong opposition domestically and elsewhere. That victory served to remind the country and its neighbours, and others, of how far Brazil has come since 2003, when the Workers Party first won the right to govern. The powerful domestic oligarchy combined with not-helpful US activities, though daunting obstacles, proved to be not at all insurmountable – as results showed. So even the US spying on the Brazilian President came up somewhat short in the outcome of the elections.

Dilma’s electoral success is described in a post by Andrea Germanos at common dreams, Continuing Latin America’s ‘Left Turn,’ Brazil’s Rousseff Wins Re-Election. The ‘take away’ on this, and remembering Brazil’s earlier socio-economic conditions,

On the left’s economic gains in Brazil, Center for Economic and Policy Research Co-Director Mark Weisbrot stated, “The Workers Party governments have delivered on clear economic and social gains since they first came to power in 2003, and voters apparently want those gains to continue.”

Poverty has been greatly reduced; 31.5 million Brazilians were lifted out of poverty as poverty has been lowered by over 55 percent and extreme poverty by 65 percent. Inequality has decreased while the minimum wage has been nearly doubled and social spending has consistently increased,” Weisbrot continued.

[bold added for emphasis]

No need to mention the establishment MSM view of the elections, which Jim Naureckas would analyse, if needed, at the fair blog for those interested, NYT Tried to Sell ‘Pro-Growth’ Candidate, but Brazilians Weren’t Buying. Naurecka quotes the NYT reporter,

 “Rarely, if ever, has such a pro-growth, market-friendly candidate [Aécio Neves] emerged as a serious presidential contender in a developing country,” wrote the business columnist, who writes under the modest heading “Common Sense.”

So Dilma’s victory would raise the question as posed by Naureckas,

So Brazilians voted to keep economic growth low?

Yes, from the NYT. Naureckas is spot on, leaving us with the question, ‘What’s with the US MSM?’

Leaving that infamous ‘backyard of the US’. Back to UNICEF, from which comes a report with nice charts that shows the US is not number one, no, not number one, Child poverty up in more than half of developed world since 2008. The point,

Child poverty has increased in 23 countries in the developed world since the start of the global recession in 2008, potentially trapping a generation in a life of material deprivation and reduced prospects.

(No need to mention the gains against poverty secured in countries like Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia?)

And from the UNICEF report comes the disappointing news that Greece occupies first place with 40.5% of the child population in poverty, ahead of the US with its 32% – a not insurmountable challenge to overcome. Maybe next year? (But the US is indeed number one among OECD countries in this category of wages.)

…a look at the bona fides of a dilma rousseff, and we see that she is not fluff fabricated by some focus group and promoted by any media ‘spin’, therein the critical difference…