…ebola? cuba sends doctors, the us sends a phd – and troops?…

…with enough blather to drown that and other viruses in a tsunami?…

A media blitzkrieg. And ebola gone, whoosh. Dr Sam has fulminated. The hypocrisy continues to surpass all prior unsurpassable levels. Now that is exceptional, even in election season in the US. Good thing the ignored non-‘international community’ knows better, much better – after all, there still remains memory of the performance of the US and of Cuba in Haiti with that epidemic of cholera, a strain of cholera  introduced by the UN’s Nepalese soldiers.

So, the farce begins with the photo-op of an ever ‘pro-active’ US establishment that is immediately undone by reality. We have from The Guardian, Obama sends Power to west Africa on Ebola fact-finding mission,

As controversy over the US response to Ebola cases within its own shores continued, the US ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, arrived in Guinea’s capital Conakry on Sunday to see first hand how the global response is failing to stop the deadly spread of Ebola in west Africa.

And no play on the word ‘power’: troops, just as the UK, to build hospitals and tents and ‘small footprints’? As with everything now, helpless but for violence, hopeless, and, hilarious but for the grim tragedy of it all.

So what is the latest utterance? We turn to this, again from The Guardian, Ebola: US ambassador hits out at countries failing to help west Africa,

Samantha Power said before arriving in Guinea on Sunday that too many leaders were praising the efforts of countries like the US and Britain to accelerate aid to the worst-affected nations, while doing little themselves.

Not to be missed is that Sierra Leone is a former British colony, as Guinea is for France, and the imposition of some freed slaves of the US onto its Liberia in Africa. Not to be missed also is, to be charitable, the level of economic and social development in those countries, and not much research is needed on that issue, given recent history of coups, chaos, death and destruction, and the related involvement of these former and present imperial powers there.

Omitted and glaringly so is that one country, Cuba, which prefers to talk sparingly, and not at all so in exaggerated self-promotion, but yet is active in addressing and resolving any crisis with urgency and purpose. So in the context of Ebola, for most of the world to recall that little Haiti episode, and for the same ruse to be again attempted, election season or not, well, heavy servings of ridicule should be heaped on the plate.

And, yes, only recently was concluded a meeting of ALBA in Havana, Cuba. So to dent, if not demolish, that bit of nonsense from the US Ambassador to the UN, no diplomat that, as witnessed by her attack on Venezuela on its accession to a non-Permanent seat at the UNSC, we have this. Clearly, not from the corporate MSM, this open letter comes from an analyst, Daniel Kovalik, commenting at TeleSUR, Open Letter to Samantha Power

Venezuela is decidedly not estranged from Cuba, and indeed is providing it with critical support to aid Cuba in its medical internationalism, including in the fight against Ebola in Africa and cholera in Haiti. And, accordingly, the UN has commended both Cuba and Venezuela for their role in the fight against Ebola. Indeed, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy on Ebola recently stated:

I urge countries in the region and around the world to follow the lead of Cuba and Venezuela, who have set a commendable example with their rapid response in support of efforts to contain Ebola.

By this measure, then, Venezuela should be quite welcome on the Security Council.

[bold added for emphasis]

And, yes, even the very establishment NYT would pronounce its verdict on the Cuba involvement in the crisis. The size of Cuba with its economic progress obstructed by vindictive US-imposed sanctions?

Yet, we get from the US media blitz, the benevolent US and Britain, these two above all, and first out of the blocks? That is enough to prompt this. Imagine the benefits to the social and economic development of the Ebola-stricken countries from an investment of a mere one percent of those budgets squandered by this dynamic duo on their serial misadventures of death and destruction visited on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, and that unfortunate TBA. To extend the point to just one example of depleting and replacing military inventory, bombing and destruction with ‘no boots on the ground’, in ’boutique’ wars of profit, not national defence nor peace.

The Telegraph reports on just recent US aerial activities on a hill in Kobane, Syria, US air strike destroys Islamic State position on Kobane hill,

The moment an Islamic State position on Kobane hill is taken out by an allied air strike

As the video purportedly shows of an ‘allied airstrike’, we have a cheeky provocation, a huge flag, a huge piece of cloth worth perhaps US$2, destroyed with less than a handful of casualties at a cost of at least US$300 thousand to the US taxpayer. Should there be some video advisory to the viewer: ‘No flora nor fauna destroyed, only the flagpole and that piece of US$2 cloth’?

Imagine the other uses of that money, especially considering that somehow the proxy army du jour has somehow transmogrified into the present enemy du jour. So working backwards to the cause, we see the savings and better options for use of funds and diplomacy that would have flowed from US foreign policy focused more on world peace and harmony.

Of course, with a government policy that includes socio-economic development those countries would have had a healthy and sanitary environment, and an Ebola vaccine, even if the US pharmas see no profit in the venture. As Dean Baker makes embarrassingly clear, The Ebola Vaccine: How Drugs Can Be Developed Without Patents,

For those who find it difficult to understand how drugs can be developed without patent protection, the Canadian government has an answer. It paid for the development of an Ebola vaccine.

Then again the country is Canada that done went and done that, that Canada which has  that abhorrent, socialist (Marxist?) health care system.

Since contrived and manipulated  US hysteria demands that those who return from Ebola-stricken countries must be quarantined, the people of the US and the world can be made much safer by quarantining the irrepressible Dr Power, along with the rest of US foreign policy – until 11Nov2018? From that quarantine should emerge less irrational foreign policy?

…A thought: These US proxy allies, ‘freedom fighters’ of yore, such as Al Qa’ida and the ‘conglomerate mergers’ into IS/Daesh (formerly ISIS/ISIL) who escape their US controllers and kill and destroy on their own command and now need to be killed and destroyed, even if the innocent pay, these seem to mimic some virus that escapes from its laboratory control environment?…