…khorasan! khorasan! is! isis! isil! er, ebola?…

…how much more terrified can an ever terrified us-uk populace be made?…

If ever there was an enemy to vanquish, that enemy would be poverty, disease and sickness, which in most cases is easily thwarted with a modest outlay of money and commitment. Regrettably, profits there are not quite appealing. On the other hand, to kill and destroy to create an enemy that must then be killed and environment destroyed for plunder and ‘reconstruction’, now that is talking serious money. And in comes the packaging.

With such stubbornly gullible populace, the task requires little effort. The success of the Yazidi crisis was the incentive for other more ambitious projects. Obviously, neither the corporate MSM nor the preoccupied public would spend a moment to try to understand how a religious sect that very few in the West would have a clue about would suddenly be in crisis. Not a thought to even the remote possibility that the US with the UK and their ‘coalition of the willing’ is directly responsible for the catastrophe, the chaos that is Iraq. Neither shocked nor awed, nor embarrassed, are this lot.

Then would come another creation, small but violent scale in Bush’s Mission (Iraq), nurtured through creative US and Iraqi (Shia) torture and violence and ethnic cleansing, that would explode to IS, formerly known as ISIS or ISIL. While the US and its accomplices were busy trying to overthrow the authoritarian President of Syria, their proxy ‘freedom fighters’ were coming to the obvious realisation that their extravagant funders were not getting shot at nor wounded nor killed. And the funders had no belief, only cynicism and greed. Nothing like independence to set up conquest, and local not Western. The die would be cast for Syria and Iraq, for starters.

To kick off the lucrative project of Perpetual War, finding the new ‘existential’ enemy was absolutely urgent, a crisis, there had to be ‘that one’, one much, much more terrifying. Enter The Khorasan Group. LLC or PLC or Inc – TBA. And to the sound of ‘Khorasan!’ would come the welcome sound, ‘Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching’, as the lucre would start rolling in to the war profiteers, and the terrified US-UK citizen patriots lusting for heads to roll immediately in whatever Moslem country – ‘Caedite eos!’.

The hoax of Khorasan would come after military action, death and destruction and the welcome flow of profits for the endeavour. Then would come the return to the urgency to squash the existing ‘existential’ thread, IS. The one-percent club would see the wealth of its military and corporate and political members of the project start to soar, and with just this venture, one likely to continue for the next thirty years. And the blissful ignorance and inaction of most of the Western populace would continue to ‘surge’.

A sampling of readily available information on and analysis of the march to madness:


U.S. forces used 47 Tomahawk missiles on Monday alone, at $1.5 million apiece.

Smart “small-diameter bombs” cost about $250,000 each.

Not much skill in numeracy needed to see where such funds could have been better spent, with results easily measured.

War Industry Sees Profits Surge On Gaza, Ukraine, And Syria Conflicts

Global turmoil and bloody conflicts are not bad news for everyone. The defense industry has been enjoying a nice run in the stock market from armed conflict breaking out across the world from Gaza to Ukraine to Syria. Much of the upside comes from the use of weapons made by US multinational corporations in conflicts that may or may not involve the US directly. Even just a standoff or threat of armed conflict can spur defense spending by governments and enrich weaponry makers.

Not much much inquisitiveness needed to draw the obvious conclusions? Most of the Great Unwashed ‘out there’ already know this, yet…

And, as the ghosts of the Ottoman Empire and Western depredations following World War I stomp abroad in the land, they refuse to be not heard or remembered. George Monbiot proposes one way to silence those voices and kill off those inconvenient ghosts.

Why stop at Isis when we could bomb the whole Muslim world? Barely disguised scorn, widely shared, is evident from this,

Let’s bomb the Muslim world – all of it – to save the lives of its people. Surely this is the only consistent moral course? Why stop at Islamic State (Isis), when the Syrian government has murdered and tortured so many? This, after all, was last year’s moral imperative. What’s changed?

And, to sort of point out the glaring hypocrisy of the ‘civilised’ West,

Is there not an urgent duty to blow up Saudi Arabia? It has beheaded 59 people so far this year, for offences that include adultery, sorcery and witchcraft. It has long presented a far greater threat to the west than Isis now poses.

Anybody remember Assad, in late 2013 the new ‘Hitler’, as designated by the ineffable US Secretary of State? Or Yemen and Somalia as models of military success according to the Nobel Peace Laureate US President? Degreed, but utterly clueless and cynical.

So, ‘humanitarian intervention’? ‘R2P’? Chickungunya (ChickV), near pandemic in Latin America and the Caribbean, with the old nemesis, dengue fever, still flitting about. Then comes Ebola from west Africa to the West, to a former colonial power and an imperial power – Spain and the US. And for this much reported Ebola epidemic – when restricted to Africa, they are now totally unprepared and in sheer panic – military violence is inapplicable. Some ‘chickuns’ coming home to roost?  Pity few funds available for such trivial matters. In any case, why earn goodwill by contributing to a healthy, peaceful and productive world, when the hounds of war howl for blood (and treasure)?

…from the worldwide emotional outpouring of sympathy in the wake of the attack of 11Sept2001 to barely disguised contempt today, time does fly…