…scotland, a ‘yes’ vote and the loch ness monster returns…

…indeed, nessie would be just a slight headache, compared with the end of the world…

Alistair Darling had outperformed Alex Salmond in the first debate, and the handwriting was on the wall  – the ‘No’ votes had it, easy, and the union would be intact. But in real life things do not happen that way, as life began to show with a wry sense of humour. The cocky politicians of Westminister are now in a total panic, near despair as 18th September draws nearer – extravagant life styles and privilege in jeopardy as the Scots seem upset that the officials they elect to the British Parliament turn out to be hardly different from those they had voted against. And the utter panic is also reflected in the behaviour of their allies in the media and high finance.

Where to start? Why not the ‘Beeb’? Its Nick Robinson, having asked a question of and received a response, a detailed one, from Alex Salmond, would dishonestly fail to point out that inconvenient truth in his report. RT helps out, BBC accused of anti-independence bias after editing out Salmond’s reply to ‘bank exodus’ question. And the video evidence more than speaks for itself. For those long familiar with the ‘Beeb’, nothing surprising.

And if we think Scotland’s independence would cause a worldwide yawn, we think again. Scotland may well provoke something of a ‘Great Depression’. Yes! Trouble in River City! Yes vote would be ‘historic mistake like Great Depression’

Investment bank Deutsche Bank says the dangers of Scotland splitting from the rest of the UK are “far beond what voters could imagine”

Just in case that slight detail was overlooked, we are forcefully reminded, £17bn ‘pulled from Britain’ as Scotland vote prompts fears of new Great Depression

LATEST Report claims move is the biggest drain of financial assets since the Lehman crisis in 2008

And in addition to that Big One, if there were to be an actual depression or illness? Forgedaboudit! We let Brother Ed do the sermon, Scottish independence: NHS in Scotland will face £1bn budget cuts if country breaks away, claims Ed Miliband

Scotland’s NHS could be left facing budget cuts of more than £1bn if the country votes for independence next week, Ed Miliband has warned.

Of course, no scare mongering going on. Now if children anywhere were to contract mumps or measles, then…

And striding tall and foreboding, on stage comes the guardian of the international financial empire. This behemoth advises this little country of some five million, Scottish referendum yes vote threatens market turmoil, warns IMF

The International Monetary Fund has warned that a yes vote in next week’s Scottish independence referendum could result in financial market turmoil.

A vote for independence would create “uncertainty” while a number of “complicated issues” were being thrashed out, in particular over which currency an independent Scotland would use, the Washington-based organisation said.

When the IMF speaks… (Though we would like to think, if allowed, ‘market turmoil’ is just a tad less terrifying than that GREAT DEPRESSION?)

But what is most important— and plaintive notes of the violin, please, ‘Rule Brittania’ — since the UK simply cannot survive without some conflict somewhere, the Scots are invited to ponder to their eternal shame, ‘Scottish soldiers died for the UK. What will we tell their families?’

A Yes vote for Scottish independence would be a betrayal of the families of more than 100 Scottish soldiers who were killed fighting IRA terrorists, former British Army head says

And, as the final straw, that Tony Blair of the Iraq War counsels a ‘No’ vote. Now if there were any undecided ‘Yes’ voters, Blair should have ended their indecision?

…Scotland, what about SCRIBS? Scotland, China, Russia…?…