…petro pulverises putin? mon dieu!…

…now that will teach vlad the bad…

So what was this pasting Putin got? We let the WaPo inform us the credulous, Ukraine forces destroy most of a column of Russian military vehicles, president says. Couple snippets,

KIEV, Ukraine — Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said Friday that Ukrainian forces had attacked and destroyed part of a column of Russian military vehicles on Ukrainian territory, a step that, if confirmed, would represent a significant escalation of hostilities between Ukraine and Russia.

Poroshenko told British Prime Minister David Cameron that “the majority” of a column of Russian military vehicles “had been destroyed by the Ukrainian artillery at night,” his office said in a statement. The announcement came as NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Friday that the defense alliance had seen an “incursion” into Ukraine the previous night.

No need for facts or corroboration of Petro’s heroism. And if there was any doubt about it, we get confirmation from the good ole ‘Beeb’, Ukraine ‘hits Russia armoured column’ amid aid impasse. How did this ‘go down’?

Ukraine says it has partially destroyed an armoured column crossing from Russia, as a controversial Russian aid convoy still waits at the border.

Nato said the column was a military “incursion”, prompting the UK to summon Russia’s envoy to explain.

Russia’s defence ministry denied any such column had entered Ukraine.

Meanwhile Ukrainian border guards have arrived to inspect Russia’s aid convoy, which was sent to help eastern Ukraine cities held by pro-Russian rebels.

And so terrified was Vlad The Meek that he went and did the ‘ice bucket challenge with George W Bush‘? Or did he? We let the establishment WaPo inform us, Ukraine calls Russia’s humanitarian convoy entering country an ‘invasion’. Quick headline,

Karoun Demirjian and Michael Birnbaum 7:26 AM ET

After nearly a 10-day standoff, the convoy crossed into Ukraine without permission from the country or the Red Cross.

The ‘Beeb? Ukraine crisis: Russian convoy prompts Western anger,

Russia’s decision to send more than 100 aid lorries into war-torn eastern Ukraine without permission has been widely condemned in the West.

The EU and the US called for them to be withdrawn, saying their presence violated Ukraine’s sovereignty. Nato said the move would fuel the crisis.

But Russia said further delays were unacceptable – and also denied that its troops and artillery were in Ukraine.

So a week after getting such a pasting from Ukraine’s Petro Poroshenko, President Putin dares to send a bunch of trucks (lorries) into the battered eastern Ukraine with humanitarian aid to its beleaguered citizens. And with no ‘air cover’, no drone support – unless the US or the UK is providing such?

…yet another Obama misadventure with powerful reverberations continuing throughout the region, and nothing like a reckless Nato to tempt ‘fate’…