…chaos of the past, and some victims of its creation come acalling…

…at least at the us border, or dead in some field…

A moving tale of survival, one still being told. I am a 15-year-old immigrant who came to America because gangs murdered my family. All I want to do is stay and learn. We have the young lady’s take on it. Snippets,

When my father was murdered by gangs in El Salvador when I was seven, I thought nothing could get worse.

But then the gangs started threatening me, too, and beating up my brothers. I couldn’t go to school because the gangs there would come after me, and I wasn’t safe at home because the other gangs there came after all of us. There was nothing the police would or could do.

I was constantly under threat, as were my siblings. So in June 2013, scared of this situation, we made the decision to go to the United States – to try to escape the violence. I was 14, and my brothers were nine and 12.

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The plight of these unfortunates is better understood from a glance at the map. Then no need for imagination to appreciate the horrendous perils on the journey of over 1000 miles north to the US.

Another tale. This one of tragic failure. The bright light is the power of the human spirit to show respect and care for human life, even of the most humble. ‘A cemetery for our people’. Cooperation of caring people from both sides of the border.

Under Texas law, counties are required to conduct DNA testing and autopsies on unidentified remains, but Brooks County, one of the poorest counties in the nation, can’t afford the tests. So until 2013, when a professor from BaylorUniversity and her students volunteered to exhume the bodies and do the DNA testing for free, no official effort was being made by authorities to find out who these migrants were, or to get them back to their families.

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We have one US professor with her student volunteers working quietly, no fanfare, with a Guatemalan diplomat, whose life has been transformed, from diplomat into volunteer, by the experience of some human bones in some field in Texas.

…yes, because of those US policies in these countries there is such sheer desperation to flee for survival and to fulfill the dream of a better life up north, even at the risk of death, unmourned, in some field…