…as the real america moves on and forward…

…tango or samba, the ladies have the joint jumpin’…

In one case. The President of Argentina has decided that being courteous is just that, being courteous; and courteousness represents no surrender of the country’s independence to some well-connected buitres del norte. So what does the Lady Pres do? Argentina moves to cut out US hedge funds. In a nutshell,

Argentina’s plan for making payments on its sovereign bonds via a local bank aims to protect the vast majority of creditors who participated in two debt restructurings, the government said.

The deadlock has kept the economically ailing country from being able to issue international bonds at a time of falling central bank reserves.

Something like saying to the buitre, ‘Buzz(?) off’?

But not to be outdone that NYC judge decides to convene a hearing, Fondos Buitre: Griesa convocó nueva audiencia. As TeleSur tells us,

Esta citación llega tras el envío al Congreso de un proyecto de ley que viabiliza el “pago soberano local de la deuda exterior de la República Argentina”.

…no mention of any likelihood of any ‘rendition’, extraordinary or otherwise…

In another case. The President of Brazil is heading to election for a second term with a lead of 38%, with her closest competitor, Aecio Neves, a ‘business friendly’ candidate at some 20%. But the tragic death of the third place candidate, Eduardo Campos, has propelled his vice-presidential candidate into greater prominence and popularity. She is Marina Silva, third place runner up in last elections. But of interest is her background, as The Guardian states, Marina Silva secures Socialist party nomination for Brazil presidency. From ‘nowhere’ to somewhere. Opportunity – in Brazil.

The mixed-race daughter of a poor, illiterate family of Amazonian rubber tappers has been chosen as a Brazilian presidential candidate.

Yes, those ladies are coming out of ‘nowhere’. As is more than evident, the probability of such a candidate, other than Neves, in the US or the UK or France or similar ally is what? Zero? A not-so-strong democracy in the South is clearly much more of a democracy than what masquerades for one among the western countries? Reality in the former, an illusion in the latter.

…of course, such leadership has commanded the attention of the ‘woman’s lib’ and democracy promoting corporate MSM?…