…the us, sweet land of liberty, and, clearly, not socialist…

…of course, most would see only the hysterical rejection of any approximation to ‘socialist’ as true…

While the US and its allies are busy tracking down and destroying threats, known and unknown, to Western ‘civilisation’ and protecting individual rights to suffer from deprivation and even poverty for the sake of protecting liberty, another reality seems just to not exist. There seems a preference to not understand the message from some little known town of Ferguson, Missouri. So a stroll along a much trafficked but unnoticed route should provide fresh perspectives.

Warning. Viewers may find gruesome graphics disturbing…

Juan Cole reflects on information readily available, without dissembling, The New Jim Crow: Has the Right finally Repealed the Civil Rights Act? Of course, ‘the Right’ is not the sole player in this cynical game. Nice, illustrative charts.

And since overkill, in the informative sense, is the order of the day, we have from Robert Kuttner, Education Alone Is Not the Answer to Income Inequality and Slow Recovery. Excerpts to the point,

Our economy is now five years into an economic recovery, yet the wages of most Americans are flat. For the entire period between 1979 and 2013, median worker wages rose by just 7.9 percent while the economy’s growth and productivity rose 64.9 percent.

The top one percent has made off with nearly all of the economy’s gains since 2000.

[bold added for emphasis]

From some three years ago, Overworked America: 12 Charts That Will Make Your Blood Boil

We get, from almost a year ago, Matt Bruenig, In Reality, Middle-Class Blacks And Middle-Class Whites Have Vastly Different Fortunes. And again the charts tell the tale.

One may then ask, what is the employment situation in the US? U.S. jobs rose since ’08 crisis, but pay is 23 pct less: report. As Reuters would report,

(Reuters) – Jobs growth in the U.S. since the 2008 recession has been undermined by lower wages, with workers earning an average 23 percent less than earnings from jobs which were lost, a report by an organization representing U.S. cities said on Monday.

The average annual salary in sectors where jobs were lost – particularly manufacturing and construction – during the 2008-9 financial crisis was $61,637, according to the report by the United States Conference of Mayors (USCM), which represents cities with populations of more than 30,000.

And, if decreased wages is not much of a problem, how about, Wage Theft: The New American Crime?. From the inequality blog, we get,

A groundbreaking study of low wage industries – including apparel, restaurants, car washes, and construction – found that 26 percent of workers were paid less than minimum wage, 75 percent of those who worked overtime did not receive overtime pay, 25 percent were forced to work before or after their shifts had ended, and a vast majority of this work – 70 percent – was completely “off-the books.”

This 2008 study revealed that the economic losses incurred by wage theft victims are massive.

So not only low pay is a problem but not receiving pay justly earned?

And for those still daunted by Piketty’s, Capital in the Twenty-first Century, John Cassidy at the new yorker has a nice graphic summary in one of his several articles. These charts show the strong trend toward a return to ‘gentry’ and peasants, albeit peasants with ‘smartphones’ and heavily indebted. Piketty’s Inequality Story in Six Charts

The political response to what has been evident for, at least, decades? Elizabeth Geier at her inequality matters blog has a look at the non-Right, but corporate still the same, From “defining issue of our time” to flavor of the month: the Dems abandon economic inequality talk. Ms Geier seems to hope that there is no such thing as a corporate Democratic party that, with MSM connivance, thrives on creating illusions of commitment to democracy and social justice? But legions of incorrigible curmudgeons will find truth in MaxSpeak! Who cares about inequality?

And how does Max rank the current lot?

Take President Barack Obama (please!).

…Now then, in the US is this Masquerade over, finally? For most of the world it has long been…