…ferguson! meet black water, usa!…

…and this is just practice – just in case you really want to protest…

For many years US blogs have droned (?!) on and on about the increasing and disturbing trend toward the militarisation of the police forces in the country. Only their readers, slowly increasing in insufficient numbers, would recognize this. But since not much concern in the corporate US MSM, then no bother to the majority of the distracted US population.

But before we get to that, a digression. There was some spokesman for the US President whose name is Robert Gibbs. There is also the fact that quite a few of these blogs fell for the ‘hope and change’ drivel from the more-than-one-paragraph-speaking candidate, and promoted his candidacy frenetically among the young and the ‘progressives. Such stubborn support did contribute a bit (?) to the candidate’s victory. However, after that victory, some of these bloggers (and others) would lament the radical departures that the incumbent had been making from the many promises made by the then-candidate. Their forceful expressions of disappointment would prompt the Gibbs fellow to fulminate against such critics, which he would later ‘regret’ as ‘inartful’. Now that was sincere gratitude, but still a sign and a warning.

Back to the story. Then came Occupy Wall Street (OWS) and the appearance of the storm troopers who wielded gratuitous violence against peaceful protesters. Complaints on the blogs, utter contempt from the MSM on such events. And that military tactic worked. Then came Ferguson-istan, Mayberry, Ferguson, Missouri, when citizens for the first time would discover that they were being treated like ‘those Iraqis’ were by Black Water (now Academi, latest of its name changes), that highly paid and highly politically connected contractor of the US government. And not just the blogs but the more serious alternative media would enter the fray to alert the USans that while they agonized over who would win ‘American Idol’, they were losing their basic freedoms. And that voting for their favourite performer is not really ‘awesome’, and not quite participatory democracy.

And those USans not addicted to MSM and Reality TV would continue to be starkly informed, but still be lacking in that ‘critical mass’ of support to urge adherence to democracy in the US. RT, made much more popular by the bewildered criticisms by the US Secretary of State and his ineffably entertaining spokespersons, would help, Iraq? Afghanistan? Police gear up against Ferguson protesters (PHOTOS). And if more evidence were needed, Pentagon supplied St. Louis County police with military-grade weapons (PHOTOS, VIDEOS).

The photos tell the tale. Yes, all in a hitherto little known suburb in the US, not some village in all those ‘jidahist’ Moslem countries.

And The Guardian, which continues to prove the utter uselessness of the likes of WaPo and NYT, other than for ridicule, corroborates what US bloggers had been warning US citizens to expect. Sobering article, Michael Brown protests in Ferguson met with rubber bullets and teargas. Sample excerpts,

Dozens of officers, some carrying assault rifles, advanced with a pair of armoured trucks on the young and predominantly African American crowd in Fergsuon [sic], after two glass bottles were thrown at their lines from a largely peaceful protest against the shooting of Michael Brown, who was black, by an officer from the city’s overwhelmingly white police department.

For hours, police snipers trained their weapons on demonstrators who protested with their hands up as an emblem of peaceful protest. When events escalated on a fourth night of tension in this city of just 21,000 people, protesters described being subjected to military-style tactics as they fled through gas-filled residential side-streets.

[bold added for emphasis]

Though no news on any ‘renditions’, yet. All this for citizens protesting against the killing of an unarmed young man ‘suspected of robbing a store’? Of course, the law enforcement officer can point to precedent, proud example for exculpation: the US official responsible for ensuring law enforcement has, with no accountability, occasionally had his people ‘take out’ wedding parties and other innocent victims such as a grand-mother picking okra – even if such ‘folks’ are in countries like Yemen or Afghanistan?

And where is the US President on all this? We let the establishment WaPo tell us. The Post-racial President was among the one-percenters, and at some function. But we are forewarned, White House walks a careful line on Ferguson. And utterance from the Post-racial President?

“Now is the time for healing,” said Obama, dressed in a navy blazer and checkered dress shirt without a tie. “Now is the time for peace and calm on the streets of Ferguson. Now is the time for an open and transparent process to see that justice is done.”

Now that is one powerful statement. ‘(H)ealing’? Come again? After the photographic evidence and professional journalism? ‘(H)ealing’? The cliché has to go something like ‘healing and closure’, even if most everyone sees that as vapid, even offensive. And what news from those ‘reporters’, ardent stenographers, social scroungers among the political class, who would grovel rather than lose opportunities for free expensive food and expensive drink and even some social chit chat?

A White House official told reporters  that Obama, who had been attending a birthday party for a friend on Martha’s Vineyard, was briefed on the developments late Wednesday night by senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.

The tense and chaotic atmosphere in Ferguson made for an awkward contrast to the scene in the Vineyard, where Obama dined on “surf and turf and pasta,” while mingling with guests that included Bill and Hillary Clinton at the party for Ann Jordan, wife of longtime Clinton confidante Vernon Jordan, according to a White House readout.

[bold added for emphasis]

‘surf and turf and pasta’? How many Big Macs and fries and soft drinks we get out of such a repast? And for how many days for, say, a single parent family of four?

Those OWS protests proved to be no warning, no ‘wake up call’. Now if it takes a bunch of mainly non-university, non-‘finely-spoken’ black folk strongly supported by their similarly concerned or disadvantaged citizens to prove as dire the warnings of the bloggers, what hope is there for change in the general US mindset, a mindset which allows its idealism to be abused by successive US régimes as their freedoms and life expectations are more and more eroded ? Any hope for change?

‘Now. Dom Pérignon, anyone?’