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…the motive$ that drive u$ policy, foreign and domestic…

A sample of articles that should raise questions on the fate of Gaza and the Palestinians, and on the fate of petroleum and profits in Erbil in Kirkuk.

Gaza and Palestine

As the US and its allies are all atwitter at the advances the ruthless outfit IS, formerly known as ISIS or ISIL, is making toward Kirkuk, we pause to reflect on the meaning of the word ‘barbaric’ that the US President had used to describe that missing Israeli soldier that the US President knew as fact had been ‘kidnapped’ in Gaza by the evil Hamas. Abby Zimet seeks clarification, We Need to Recognize What Barbaric Is.

…Amnesty International has released testimony from health workers showing the Israeli army repeatedly attacked ambulances, hospitals, medics, doctors and others seeking to help the wounded and collect the dead. In light of that and so much else, in a searing speech at an Austin protest, Dr. Rania Masri cites President Obama calling the capture of an invading Israeli soldier by the Palestinian Resistance a “barbaric action” and schools him in what is and is not “barbaric.”

The photos in her article, just as those that appear in other blogs and alternative, media, do explain the meaning of that word – but the meaning will be lost on those who utter such words. Now to whom can we apply that word?

And for a brief background on Gaza and Palestine, history and protagonists, we turn to Juan Cole’s informed consent where William R Polk has a series of articles.

Gaza and the Struggle for Palestine: Historical Background (Pt. 1, a)

Gaza and the struggle for Palestine: the 1930s

Gaza and the Palestine Crisis in History: World War II

Iraq: US, comme le chien revient à son vomissement, le sot retourne à sa folie?

Contributors to informed consent on the plight of the Yazidis. An on-the-scene report from Channel 4’s Jonathan Rugman. In the report is the implied danger of allowing overzealous humanitarian concerns to overwhelm concerns for safety – another rescue helicopter would subsequently crash, with at least one fatality and scores injured.

Hundreds, if not Thousands will Die: Film Crew finds Iraqi Yezidis still Trapped on Mountain

And in such a grave situation there is the hyperbolic assertion by an Iraqi official who tries to outdo well-known and still ridiculed but deadly US exaggerations by declaring, ISIS killed 500 Yazidis, buried some alive incl women and children – Iraq. (Which would naturally be repeated by the MSM without verification.) We have this,

Extremists from the Islamic State have killed at least 500 people, including women and children, Iraqi officials said. Some of the victims were buried alive.

Clearly, vast military assistance would not be long in coming. Of course, sales. And not to be deprived, France is immediately at the arms bazaar.

All that would be surprising to the many who have still refused to not be credulous. To add further light, Steve Coll at The New Yorker validates the suspicion at the ‘sudden’ discovery by the US of the mortal peril facing the Yazidis stranded on Mount Sinjar. The pattern of deception is all too tiresomely obvious, decision making unmoored from reality and prudence.

Oil and Erbil. And that is it in a barrel or two or more. And we toss in sales of a few slingshots and arrows and bows, and alerts to the undertakers ‘over there’…