…economic sanctions against russia? por supuesto!…

…fools rush in…; and no fool like the willfully gullible…

Peachy. Just peachy.

It must have come as a shock to those European countries that produced agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables and grain that no other country in the world can produce? Or, do we again attribute that to that good ole colonial arrogance?

Not having heard of a meeting in mid-July in Fortaleza, Brazil (Brazil? Portuguese colony?) of small countries such as Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, these EU countries including the US and its other four eyes just knew that Russia and only Russia would be adversely affected by the economic sanctions demanded by the US. Of course, there was also a meeting of Unasur countries, but what does that matter?

To their great surprise, anything always comes as a surprise, European trading partners of Russia that were foolish enough  to join the sanctions have discovered that there is an economic cost to being slavish followers of each and every US diktat, especially when their interests are more directly and intensely affected than those of the US. So then what replacement agricultural imports can Russia expect from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador? Good ole imperial arrogance, what? And once those trade ties are established and strengthened, what is the likelihood of all the lost markets returning to their ‘rightful’ European owners? And coming at a time when European economies are just zipping along, ehn?

We now have the news from the Financial Times (FT), and quoted by RT, that the EU wants such countries, non-EU members, to ‘comply with’ the economic embargo against Russia,an embargo to which they are not party? According to the FT (paywall after a few freebies), EU plans Russia sanctions talks with Latin America countries. Couple excerpts from this establishment newspaper.

The EU plans to hold talks with countries such as Brazil and Chile to dissuade them from stepping in to replace Europe’s banned agricultural exports to Russia, senior officials said on Monday.

Since Russia banned food imports from the EU and the US last week in a response to sanctions, Moscow has been courting Latin America for alternative supplies. Several countries and trade groups in South America have said that Moscow’s measures could offer them a lucrative windfall.

Dissuade? Really? What is wrong with these people? Well, we have one response from Ecuador. According to RT, Ecuador: We don’t need permission to trade with Russia. And its democratically elected President Correa would observe,

Ecuador doesn’t need anybody’s permission to export agricultural products to Russia, which now has a big gap that needs to be filled after it banned supplies from a number of western countries, said President Rafael Correa.

“I want to immediately say that we don’t need to get anybody’s permission to sell products to friendly countries: as far as we know Latin America isn’t a part of the European Union,” as RIA cites Correa’s Tuesday comments to the Andes press agency.

And we still do not forget the failed attempted coup against this democratically elected leader. As we still remember that the life of the President of Bolivia was in jeopardy when some European countries had diverted his flight scheduled back to Bolivia, and searched the plane looking for Edward Snowden, and did so at the demand of, yes, the US.

Are these folk are afflicted by this ‘look forward, not backward’ foolishness, and expect the victims to be similarly afflicted? Tabula nunquam est rasa.

Not to throw BRICS but…

…a ‘patriotic’ sacrifice by proud EU farmers for their governments’ complicity in the overthrow of the democratically government of the Ukraine in February 2014, for which Russia clearly has be blamed?…