…humanitarian crisis! ‘genocide’! calling captain ‘america’?…

…urgent mission to rescue centuries old religious sect under existential threat from IS formerly known as the group ISIS or ISIL; but first, erbil…

The fastest a humanitarian crisis, ‘genocide!’, has ever left the front pages. Before the US UN Secretary-General could even receive his US UN ‘talking points’.

That IS is something else. To have made so many rapid strides of conquest, and accomplishments noticed only just recently by the US and its trusty allies. Sudden discovery must have set in when that grim band of zealots decided to conquer Erbil and all its goings-on there. And therein lay the carefully choreographed urgency, ‘genocide!’ to help the Yazidis, whose existence had been for centuries unthreatened in Iraq – until the US and its UK with their ‘coalition of the willing’ unleashed chaos.

So while undertaking some air ‘drops’ to urgently assist the stranded, beleaguered group of Yazedis, why not toss in some other activities. Bomb not just some military placements of this IS of amorphous form but also arm the Kurds in the process. And while at it, as a coincidence, see off that pesky PM Maliki? After all, who is noticing?

Well, Prof Juan Cole for one. In applying some of his considerable expertise on the issue, he has given his take, The Cruel Jest of American “Humanitarian Aid” to Iraq.

The United States of America has no claim on the language of “humanitarian aid” to Iraq after what it did to that country. It is rather as though Washington should send Meals Ready to Eat to the good people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. One is happy that the US has dropped food aid for the Yezidis trapped on a mountain after they escaped the so-called “Islamic State” of self-styled “caliph” Ibrahim. But the US press either has a short memory or is being disingenuous when they talk about a humanitarian mission in Iraq!


“Humanitarian mission” may sound good to American ears. But there is no way a few food drops can make up for what the US did to Iraq.

[bold added for emphasis]

Clearly and unambiguously stated. And this time fewer and fewer have fallen for the manoeuvre. Official US pronouncements and MSM ‘analysis’ now regarded with stronger scepticism, even distrust.

BuzzFeed uses an almost ‘Presentation’ style to lay out the, by now, very easily obvious, A 26-Step Guide To Understanding Why The U.S. Is Bombing Iraq, Again. And something of a revealing timeline on both the US and IS.

…’…Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;…’