…twilight zone: ahead, a sign post, back to iraq…

…as the US President whirls and ‘pivots’ with giddy and glib abandon…

The Ever Reliable Omission as America [US] Rides to the Rescue

Gaza now of even less importance to the corporate MSM. The better sell: stunning video and still images. Spectacular air ‘drops’. Grateful people. Solid patriotic headlines: The US strives to avert a humanitarian disaster in Iraq. And US President nominated for Nobel Peace Prize?

But omitted is the background. The US strives to avert a humanitarian disaster, yes, but that is due to the myriad conditions for which the US of George W. Bush with the UK of Tony Blair with their ‘coalition of the willing’ had created. That was Iraq. And today that is Iraq.

The chaos would be facilitated further by the US of Barack Obama and the UK of David Cameron who then would amplify and deepen the chaos by their destruction of Libya from which massive stocks of weapons would flow to rebel factions in the region. And for la crème de la crème. The same Obama and Cameron and their allies would in their lunatic frenzy to overthrow the government of Syria would provide military assistance to their mercenary factions, many of whose members would would then gravitate to the better trained but more extremist groups. And one of those groups funded by US and UK allies would be? So, then we hear, ‘Today America Is Coming To Help’? Cruel irony?

Now We Consider the Evidence

Glenn Greenwald has a concise and illustrated guide to the US and its myriad ‘humanitarian’ interventions that prove so costly to the countries of its interventions, U.S. “Humanitarian” Bombing of Iraq: A Redundant Presidential Ritual. And he includes responses to the question, which two countries are the biggest threat in the world. Not even close, those runners-up. So much for ‘terrorism’. Why build peace and harmony when destruction is so much fun?

And that ‘pivot’. We have the ‘pivot’ of the Obama régime back to what the US does best. And he does so with characteristic flourish, before many a doggedly incurious US citizen can succumb to inquisitiveness and discover the laughable farce of the US President’s dramatic discovery of the ‘New Africa’ and also discover the character of several of his African guests, as highlighted in the mother jones article,  Obama’s 5 Most Atrocious Dinner Guests at the US-Africa Leaders Summit. Yet, and obviously, few of the great ‘unwashed’ beyond US borders would be unaware of the role of the US and its western partners in chaos and destruction, and the plunder of the natural resources in many African countries, as elsewhere.

As a purported ‘admirer’ of Dr Martin Luther King it was only natural that the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate President would decide to continue to fervently adhere to the truism of Dr King’s observation that the US is ‘the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today’.

So, aside those destabilization programmes, for a President who had unleashed death and destruction in Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and Yemen as a hobby, why not do an Iraq Redux? After all, that country is still not totally sundered from its Sykes-Picot moorings, and profits still beckon.

With the ruthless slaughter in Gaza barely noticed in the US, just as the calls for the extermination of the Palestinians, the US President rushes headlong into yet another ‘humanitarian’ intervention. This time, ostensibly, it is to save some members of the Yazidi sect said to be stranded on a mountain. His proudly stated purpose to prevent ‘genocide’, a gambit unnecessary if George W Bush and Tony Blair had not created such an environment with their imperial misadventure. Any predicament of such sects can be attributed directly that Duo of Doom. Few outsiders could recall the name of that sect or those of other sects during the Saddam Hussein dictatorship. Or wonder why the Iraqi government is not assisting. Or even the United Nations of Ban Ki-moon charged with issues of ‘genocide’. And if ‘genocide’, why only the US is involved, and possibly ever compliant UK (of Iraq and Palestine fame) in a poorly disguised subterfuge?

And so the obvious questions. Are these centuries-old sects now new? How is it they are suddenly under threat, as similar ones in Syria? What are the causes? Would any observer note that Bush was responsible for the debacle in secular-state Iraq, as is Obama for the debacle in secular-state Syria and Libya? Would any bemused observer tartly note that the Syrian government had to rout a similar group that had attacked a similar centuries-old Christian community, massacring or displacing its inhabitants, and destroying historic places of worship? And unlike Gaza where the evidence of slaughter and destruction was immediate and visible, the US has suddenly ‘pivoted to a mountaintop’ in Iraq to save some sect members and on which there is so little tangible evidence, as there is on Gaza?

And, yes, would anyone notice what is IS (no clintonian paradox)? That IS is the group formerly known as ISIS or ISIL – something comical here – that had its roots in Obama’s Syria and had the unswerving support of US allies, as the US armed other groups to overthrow the Syrian government? Is IS the US ally in Syria and its enemy in Iraq? Both Iraq and Syria (just as Libya) had been thriving modern secular societies before US ‘humanitarian’ interventions. Does the US know how to spread chaos or what?

How soon a Ukraine Redux, to reinforce that coup costing north of US$5b? And why not Russia – Fearless Tony Abbot and Invincible David Cameron can lead The Charge of This Lite Brigade? (That silence, is France on August holidays?) The spider ensnares itself (and allies) in the very web it so elaborately spins?

…but for the blogs and alternative media…