…looking forward: the past arrives in argentina, and the us…

exsultate juibilate! estela carlotto, abuela de plaza de mayo

As Argentina deals with a host of problems such as the Vulture Funds and the judgment of a US judge in NYC, there is at last some good news for one of its activist citizens, and for the people of Argentina. But before we get there, we look at that famous vulture, the condor – and not to be left out of the action, especially of this type, there is the Operation Condor – which we interrupt to return to the good news. The Guardian tells us, Argentina’s campaigning grandmother finds grandson born to death camp mother. And further,

During Argentina’s last military dictatorship in 1976-83 some 500 newborns were taken from arrested young opponents of the regime and handed over to military families to be raised as their own. The real parents were murdered.

The grandchild identified on Tuesday, named only as Guido by the Grandmothers, is the 114th to be found by the group. Argentinian media identified him as Ignacio Hurban, a pianist and composer who is director of a music school in the city of Olavarria, south-west of Buenos Aires.

Had Mrs Carlotto adopted the very suspect recommendation of the cynical US President and ‘looked forward’, she, like any normal human being, would have had to contend with her own conscience over the ‘disappearance’ of her daughter and her grandson some 36 years ago.

Guido was born on 26 June 1978 at the Military Hospital in Buenos Aires. His mother, Laura Carlotto, was 23 years old and two months pregnant when she was kidnapped by the military in November 1977 and taken to La Cacha, one of many death camps set up by the regime.

Her life was initially spared because she was pregnant but after giving birth to Guido she was murdered.

[bold added for emphasis]

We call this a ‘humanitarian’ murder? And that School of the Americas? As the ‘finely spoken’ US President, aware of the US justice system, might well say, ‘That government might have made some mistakes but it did save some folks.’

At least in Argentina there was a government of the people that did look back and did mete out some measure of justice, justice denied for so long.

Two former dictators were eventually convicted along with others of systematically kidnapping children. Jorge Rafael Videla died in prison in May 2013 while serving a 50-year sentence. Reynaldo Bignone remains in prison.

And, yes, mountains of debt incurred to generate the obscene wealth and lavish lifestyles, and purchases of expensive military toys, yes, the US. Of course, the US (and the IMF and World Bank) on being horrified at the now discovered behaviour of such régimes did reduce or cancel those debts, yes?

Now, if only we can get similar good news from other bedeviled places such as Gaza – on the fate of the young survivors such as this child who is the indictment of the country deeply involved in that gruesome Argentina era.

…as the twilight zone would say: just ahead lies the past, waiting to expose and judge the perpetrators of evils past…