…sure, ‘we tortured some folks…’ but not their pets…

…but being the US, it was done with noble intentions – ‘humanitarian’ torture…

Where can we start? Why not this thing of torture. One would assume that US officials would by now be aware that the world of the great unwashed knows of, and may have experienced, its foreign ‘adventures’ and the resulting costs to innocent citizens and their countries. So what we do we have? A US President who holds forth with unctuous nonchalance as if his audience were a bunch of timid first-year university students, clearly the US MSM.

The posture and the pronouncement convey that breezy dismissiveness, certainly not what one would expect for such a grave matter. Obama admits CIA ‘tortured some folks’ but stands by Brennan over spying. ‘We tortured some folks’? That is the best the Law School Professor President has? It seems that he forgot to mention that, ‘But not their pets.’ which should win votes and contributions from pet lovers.

And while that Nobel Prize Peace Winner President of the US was dutifully demanding the return of some Israeli allegedly captured in Gaza, the Independent has decided to take stock and not just accept as fact any pronouncement of the Netanyahu régime – experience with US pronouncements should have been chastening enough. Regarding the Israeli soldier, the headline tells us, Israel bombards Rafah in furious hunt for officer it says was captured by Hamas. The Guardian is similarly responsible, Israel bombards Rafah after soldier disappears amid Gaza ceasefire collapse.

It’s a pity that, while demanding the return of this Israeli soldier about whom he knows absolutely nothing and that Israel be restocked with weapons of death and devastation, the ‘finely spoken’ US President did not demand humanitarian assistance for this child and others like her and the survivors in this orgy of death and destruction, this discussed drive to the Final Solution. Or even have his officials investigate this reality, Gaza: Khuzaa district Flattened, Evidence of Israeli Atrocities, an ‘untidy’ matter from which the corporate US MSM flees? Then again to do so would mean investigating himself and his own government.

Amid the ‘folksy’ rationalising, the ‘moral philosopher’ who converses every ‘Terror’ Tuesday with, yes, Thomas Aquinas would hope that ‘folks’ would not remember that there was also that Vietnam thing. Truly a transparent President.