…retrieving some books amid the gaza slaughter…

…the blood of innocents, ‘those others’, as the media courtiers sing the praises of chaos and death…

First, images to stir the emotions and restore that moral core, About a Girl: To ‘Liesel’ in Gaza…

Just the images, no more. Innocent children as this slaughtered. Who knows her fate now? And to attempt any assistance to such dispossessed will incur the wrath and skewed justice system of the accomplice.

The next is a haunting image from an Israeli artist, the second in fillip spagnoli’s post, Iconic Images of Human Rights Violations (166): Death in Gaza

Yes, shadows of four little boys playing football is all that remained from that airstrike, and will remain in our memories – as Obama played, what, at golf? Or made some facetious remark on some matter demanding an adult response?

With the ‘breakdown’ of the latest ceasefire what did we find out? ‘Dozens of Palestinians are killed’ and Israeli soldier seized as ceasefire shatters

Something of a straightforward and informative headline? Now we turn to the corporate media.

Gaza cease-fire collapses; Israeli soldier captured

Sudarsan Raghavan, William Booth and Ruth Eglash 1:32 PM ET

Hours after a three-day humanitarian cease-fire between Israel and Hamas went into effect, the truce broke down and an Israeli soldier was abducted.

And how does that other expensive but rejected bird cage carpeting have to report? Cease-Fire in Gaza Collapses; Israeli Soldier Is Captured


A newly reached cease-fire in the Gaza conflict collapsed soon after it came into effect on Friday as the Israeli military said that two soldiers had been killed and a third apparently captured by militants who emerged from the southern Gaza Strip.

Not to skip a beat we look at the BBC, the ‘Beeb’ of Jimmy Savile fame, and in the fifties, of the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Iraq Iran fame. It headline, Gaza militants ‘seize Israeli soldier’ as ceasefire ends. Deaths of innocents? Not important, Palestinian.

And what else do we discover? The Nobel Peace Prize Winner US President waxes poignant about the slaughter. Or does he?

US President Barack Obama called for the militants to free the soldier.

He said he “unequivocally” condemned Hamas for capturing the soldier “minutes after a ceasefire had been announced”.

And where has been his Secretary of State? Challenging Regev or Palmor for their jobs? Kerry Calls on Qatar and Turkey to Gain Release of Israeli Soldier.

If any examples of sociopath were needed. And, yes, US elections in the offing, and those campaign contributions and those votes. And that Presidential Library, and so on.

And how does a professional newspaper see all this obvious media propaganda? American media’s new pro-Israel bias: the same party line at the wrong time

The headline could have been tightened up for greater accuracy? Instead of ‘new’, ‘more hysterical’ would have been on target. And unbeholden to any special interests, the writer proffers.

Here are a few questions you won’t hear asked of the parade of Israeli officials crossing US television screens during the current crisis in Gaza:

  • What would you do if a foreign country was occupying your land?
  • What does it mean that Israeli cabinet ministers deny Palestine’s right to exist?
  • What should we make of a prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, who as opposition leader in the 1990s addressed a rally under a banner reading “Death to Arafat” a year after the Palestinian leader signed a peace accord with Israel?

So what do we have? That missing soldier, now more important than scores of innocent Palestinians slaughtered and injured, and who may just be British. Then again he could be both. Or more. Some spokesman or the other, Australian, then Israeli. Sort of like the Israeli Ambassador to the US. USA, then Israeli citizen.Or both? All so confusing?

Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine…  And wading ever deeper in others’ blood. Heckuva job, Barry.