…2014, the hapless empire, little venice and human rights?…

…The Brigade of Bumblers is on a roll as it revels in the derision its infantile, churlish but dangerous policies provoke…

Chancellor Merkel of Germany and President Putin of Russia must be rolling on the floor in laughter (ROFL?) at the churlish ineptitude of the Sole Superpower, none of whose officials seem to want to take just one day off from exposing themselves in print or in the electronic media.

The continuing chaos, always chaos, in the Ukraine from the now comical but increasingly expensive overthrow of the Ukrainian government is curiously insufficient to keep the brigade busy. The bunch has now ‘pivoted’ to one country where its supported coup in 2002  had collapsed, and for which there has been no hint of embarrassment. Failure is no deterrent as the brigade, to garner more votes in upcoming elections than its corporate rival, has hit upon another ‘brilliant’ idea.

With violent street protests by professional protesters and the minority elite so far ineffective, another ‘brilliant’ plan has been hatched. The US, known for its respect for human rights worldwide, will impose sanctions on some Venezuelan officials for violating human rights. Yes, human rights – to attack another country has always been a ‘vote getter’. Its other gambit: to ‘rendition’ a Venezuelan diplomat, Hugo Carvajal, from Aruba to Miami has failed, and badly, in the process jeopardising Aruba’s relations with its neighbour. The upshot of this ‘ingenious’ policy is that it provides the rest of the world evidence of a collapsing and flailing régime, a Polyphemus in slow motion, self-blinded by its violent exceptionalism.

To add some touches we refer to fdl with this from DS Wright, US Imposes Travel Ban On Officials From Venezuela. We get this ‘take-away’,

Yes, while the US is supplying Israel with more ammunition to kill civilians in Gaza it is imposing sanctions on Venezuelan officials for “human rights abuses.” The hypocrisy is off the charts. Especially when considering the Venezuelan officials’ real offense is being part of a government that is not willing to turn over Venezuela’s vast petroleum reserves to US intermediaries from Miami.

Apparently multitasking for the Obama Administration is undermining US credibility all over the world simultaneously.

Mark Weisbrot at the americas blog of CEPR here provides analysis and details on policy toward Venezuela, still an independent democratic country. In his article, Obama Throws Another Bone to the Right on Venezuela, he exposes the cynical policy making of the Nobel Peace Prize President, a president promoted by the US MSM as one who plays ’11 dimensional chess’ – which should impress somebody out there as in real chess most see a Fool’s Scholar’s Mate in the offing.

Time for the grown ups in this  brigade to step forward and take charge? The clock continues to tick in Amateur Hour…