…dangerous central american child refugees poised to invade…

… McAllen, in (formerlyMexican) Texas…

Assuming these children and infants are not  really Middle-Eastern or Moslem ne’er-do-well, we can confront the insistent presence of an uncomfortable past.

The predictable choreography of creating the illusion of reality would come when the Foreign Ministers of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras were summoned to Washington, DC. The usual US declamations of the need for action from ‘these people’ would have its embellished repetition on the US MSM , TV and print, as evidence of the resoluteness and leadership of the Obama administration.

On cue, the Presidents of those countries would promptly find themselves in Washington, DC, for the reinforcing of that illusion. They would meet with US officials and be given their instructions. Then they would appear before the media with the ‘finely-spoken’ US President who would use his spell-binding rhetoric to persuade US voters (as elections draw near) of his great leadership and that of his corporate Democratic party.

However, some of the intended message had not been not sufficiently rehearsed and coordinated. These Central American leaders, among the few malleable Latin leaders, would make observations that very many outside the US had long known – the US has been largely responsible for the chaos, pervasive violent crime, and grinding poverty and gross inequality in their countries.

We follow the coverage of The Guardian, Central American leaders meet Barack Obama to criticise US border policy.

Discarding the expected role of abject subordinate in fabricating an illusion for US citizens, the Guatemalan leader would, as the reporter states,

Before the meeting with Obama, the president of Guatemala, Otto Pérez Molina, said the US is wasting money on trying to keep desperate people from crossing the border and that it should instead invest it “to attack the root of the problem” behind the surge in children arriving in Texas. He said economic prosperity in Central America would remove the need for the US to spend additional money protecting the border.

Confident of his grasp of international and regional politics and economics and eschewing hyperbolic blather,

Pérez Molina said the US also bears an historic responsibility for the region because it used Central America as a battle ground with the Soviet Union during the Cold War. His own country suffered more than three decades of civil war after the CIA engineered a military coup against Jacobo Árbenz, the elected president whose land reforms threatened US economic interests.

For Guatemala the word ‘genocide’ is quite apt, and its perpetrators still evade justice. And, yes, the US played its predictable role, a role studiously ignored by the US MSM – the illusion of the ever beneficent US must prevail. [No, no, at the School of the Americas, rather than teach etiquette or humanity, its US instructors would have preferred to pull teeth, or fingernails.]

The irony: of the US$3.7b proposed by the US President to deal with the ‘crisis’, US$300m, some 8%, would go toward ‘repatriation and tackling root causes’ in the afflicted countries. Strangely, whereas whenever US elections approach its politicians seem to seek out some foreign incursion to garner votes of the faithful, this time, at the US border of McAllen, the unpleasant and very inconvenient reality of its past is revisiting the US.

To appreciate the human dimension of the catastrophic the US created, over at the nacla blog, Nathalie Baptiste sheds some light, Child Migrants Are Refugees the U.S. Helped Create. An excerpt that should provoke some outrage for those unaware,

The arduous journey from Tegucigalpa, Honduras to the border city of McAllen, Texas stretches some 1,500 long miles. To walk it at an average pace—without resting—it would take around three weeks. If you manage to make it without succumbing to the elements—the scorching days and the freezing nights—among the dust and cacti are strangers waiting to kidnap, extort, rape, or even murder you.

Now imagine you are a child.

[James Woods, Salvador, for some reality through fiction?]

Any wonder why the US MSM, especially its international cable ‘news’, would inundate the world with mindless drivel poorly disguised as ‘news’? Any wonder at the urgent need for alternative media and blogs to make even greater inroads?  Any wonder why TeleSur has now launched its English-language broadcasts? But we digress.

To continue to sculpt Honduras as one of the legacies of the incumbent President, we have Dan Beeton of the americas blog at cepr who posts at al jazeera, The legacy children of the Honduran coup. Of one of the beneficiaries of the US approved coup against President Zelaya, a beneficiary who obeyed the call of the US President, Beeton observes,

President Juan Orlando Hernández has made a militarized policing approach the cornerstone of his new administration, even as efforts to reform the police failed and evidence of police death squads emerged last year. The U.S. State Department, which backed the militarized response amid objections from 21 U.S. senators, is now prepared to spend more of U.S. taxpayers’ money to support Hernández’s brutal and repressive regime.

We did mention that there was some proposed US$3.7b to deal with this ’emergency’ at the US border, of which US$300m, some 8%, would go to ‘repatriation and tackling root causes’. Clearly, no hypocrisy is evident.

And for further background, in 2009 Conn Hallinan over at counterpunch had done a piece on the coup. That coup had occurred couple months after the US President had attended the Fifth Summit of the Americas in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. There the President would meet an enthusiastic and welcoming President Chávez. That meeting would be welcomed by Latin America and the Caribbean. The difference, at the first criticism voiced in the US, the US President would immediately repudiate the meeting and the late Venezuelan President. Evident then and evident now is the glib inexperience and ‘timidness’ of one against the infectious bonhomie and innate honesty of the other – a reality that would resurface with the coup d’état against President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras. [Rev Jeremiah Wright and Shirley Sherrod, couple instructive and validating precedents?]

Yes, that link to Conn Hallinan’s article of August 2009, The Honduran Coup, for conclusiveness.

So then… Why would parents or guardians of these children sacrifice their meagre savings and go deeply into debt to seek their children’s safety with relatives in the very distant US, even if the very perpetrator of their misfortunes?

In any case, no bother. We have some interesting news from a columnist at the Telegraph, Barack Obama has already checked out of his job. Still, the sardonic would ask, when did he ever check in? Yes, illusion and reality.