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The tragedy in Palestine, Gaza in particular, has evoked the horror of the world. In all the carnage, there is the steadfast avoidance of professional journalism on the part of the privileged US MSM. The slaughter of at least 15 civilians in a UN-run school used as shelter has been horrific enough to demand respectful and professional coverage, we would suppose. We compare and contrast. At least 15 dead after U.N. school in Gaza is shelled

William Booth, Sudarsan Raghavan and Anne Gearan 5:33 PM ET

An Israeli military spokesman said “there was a possibility” that shells from Israeli forces struck the school, adding that the army was investigating “what exactly caused the deaths and injuries.”

And for coverage that surpasses cynical and heartless, we have, At Least 16 Die at U.N. School Used as Shelter for Gazans


A series of explosions at a school that was sheltering hundreds of Palestinians who had fled their homes also wounded many others. The cause was not immediately clear.

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The NYT is predictably unclear on the cause in spite of the abundant evidence. Same NYT that knew Iraq had WMDs, that knew Syria had used chemical weapons, that knew that Russia had been involved in downing the Malaysia Airlines plane. Yes, the same NYT that, like WaPo, faithfully and fully regurgitates régime propaganda.

On the other hand and in stark contrast, from the Independent we get, Israeli targeting policy under scrutiny after tanks kill 15 in a Gaza school run by the UN

From The Guardian, we get, Israeli strike on Gaza school kills 15 and leaves 200 wounded

We turn to The Telegraph, a  conservative newspaper. The Telegraph has its turn at the carnage. Perhaps mindful that the US President Obama had once famously uttered (for popularity bump) the very implausible statement, after the death of one Trayvon Martin, that if he had a son that son would have been like Martin, the Telegraph does the empathetic President a favour.

Just in case this mute President were to declare if he had had a Palestinian child, which child that dead child would have been, the Telegraph lists the names of 132 of the Palestinian children killed in the onslaught. The President is offered a very wide range, by sex and age. Revealed: the Palestinian children killed by Israeli forces. Lots of innocent victims to choose from – but, then again, they are Palestinian, and US ‘elections’ are in the offing as will be the obligatory loyalty oath before AIPAC.

The irrelevance of such actors is becoming inescapably evident. For such to be forgotten soon and by history, they themselves may consider a compliment. The blogs, many US, and alternative media continue to prove their value for civilisation and its informed populations.