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sarah sara may be firth, but liz wahl was first and had forearmed us…

28 July approaches, as we remember the Hapsburg Empire, decrepit and incompetent and what those conditions brought about for that eagle, that imperial eagle that would come crashing down with others…

Why the desperate need to discredit RT? RT, as AJE, is one of the non-Western news networks making steady inroads on Western networks, many, especially of the US, more devoted to promoting the US corporate agenda than the truth or facts. The RT correspondent’s resignation over the network’s coverage of the downing of the Malaysia Airlines MH17 plane over Eastern Ukraine was triumphantly reported by the ‘traditional Western MSM’. Same Ukraine.

Talking Points Memo does the straight coverage, An RT Reporter Resigns In Protest Of Network’s Downed Jet Coverage Given that so little is known of the cause of the tragedy, the sane person expects that speculation and wild imaginings cannot and should not replace facts – and that is a fact. (Any one recalls the weeks of intense speculation on the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370?)

It is quite likely that the flight, MH17, was downed, by accident or design, by some separatist group, as it is likely that the US-backed Kiev régime may have been just as responsible. Indeed it is not at all unlikely that some external ‘dark’ actor might have been at work. What remains very curious is that this tragic event occurred within days of the Russian President’s appearance at the 6th Meeting of BRICS, where the Group had agreed, among other things, to the establishment of a new development bank.

Ms Firth’s very public resignation did have the unintended effect of bringing to mind the earlier well-orchestrated resignation of her colleague, Liz Wahl. And we do know the background to that resignation, Liz Wahl’s RT Resignation Apparent Neoconservative Stunt, which the US MSM fell for, and for obvious reasons.

This resignation of Ms Firth’s over perceived (or even likely propaganda) by RT contrasts well with events continuing to unfold in Gaza, where, as The Guardian reported, some 296 had been killed, a figure that included 71 children with some 2200 persons injured – a count far surpassed since then. The more amusing yet telling incident would be the reassigning of a CNN’ reporter for using the word ‘scum’ to describe some of her tormenters who were threatening her. Clearly, failure to call for Palestinian restraint and then to call scum ‘scum’ is just not on, especially when… (Then again, is the CNN the best she could do?)

But more serious and damning is this. An NBC reporter had the misfortune to have been playing football on the Gaza beach in front his hotel with four little boys just shortly before they were killed by missiles, slaughter witnessed by him and other journalists. His report (and its stark accuracy) had proved too embarrassing to his higher ups who withdrew him (and on orders?) to replace him with a more compliant character with a more palatable name, Richard Engel and of more acceptable mien.

“After all, Ayman Mohyeldin, what kind of name is that? And the guy speaks Arabic? Arabic? He must be one of them. He certainly looks so!”, would be the thought process of the disgruntled exceptionalists. No one is fooled.

While there were measured complaints at the decision (blatant bias) inside even the corporate network, it would be the blogs and alternative media that would expose the hypocrisy and hidden agenda of such ‘news media’ and the danger in trusting the accuracy and honesty of their reporting.

A quick look at how that episode has been viewed by just a few of the well respected blogs.

Talking Points Memo would launch its salvo, Why Did NBC Pull Reporter Ayman Mohyeldin From Gaza?

And Glenn Greenwald would weigh in, NBC News Pulls Veteran Reporter from Gaza After Witnessing Israeli Attack on Children

Phyllis Bennis would politely, circumspectly hit the nail on the head, NBC Pulls Its Best Journalist from Gaza Just as Israel Invades, as she observes,

This is a political move, whether initiated by frightened NBC executives on their own or demanded directly by powerful pro-Israel advertisers or other power-brokers. And it threatens to undermine the significant gains that have already been made in changing the U.S. discourse on Israel-Palestine in recent years.

The tidal wave of ridicule at the obviousness of the racism (yes), xenophobia, would embarrass the network just enough to reverse their decision. Mr Mohyeldin should now ask himself: If the worldwide respect he had earned at AlJazeera was so insufficient that he would sacrifice relative journalistic independence and professional integrity for more money and disrespect at NBC? The NBC of David Gregory? Then again, if at AJE Mr Mohyeldin might well have been in one of Egypt dictator Sisi’s jails along with some of his AJE colleagues.

So then, on Gaza where there is no need for speculation on the facts and the evidence we get damning silence from ‘senior US and UK officials’, the morally righteous ‘international community’? …

Recent memory on fabrication of evidence: The US Secretary of State and the gung-ho NYT famously produced ‘evidence’, in 2013, that the government of Syria had used chemical weapons – only to have such claims rebutted by serious scientists at MIT. Just imagine if the British Parliament had not rebuffed this lot ever eager for war – against any weak but ‘uncooperative’ country?

The motto, and invitation, of RT: Question More. Sadly for the gullible (and Iraq), not every test tube with soap powder brandished at the UN with theatrical flourish is some Weapon of Mass Destruction, that ‘smoking gun that ends up being a mushroom cloud’.