…gaza, the us poodle – the uk politicians and the uk press…

…or, is the us poodle snapping back – when even Jack Straw (when ever did he get out?) of all people dares to open his mouth?…

Here we have an example of UK lawmakers expressing views that ne’er would pass the lips of a US ‘legislator’ – clear evidence that in the UK there are still politicians not yet (?) captured by corporate or other ‘special’ interests.

Israel accused of war crimes (UK Parliament) That vote to not be complicit in any bombing of Syria still remains sufficient reason to again avoid embarrassing the country’s citizens by again allying itself with ever bumbling and ever destructive US foreign policy? As demonstrated in the video, the Parliamentary interventions were no mere sop, war crimes are called such.

Of course, sociopaths and psychopaths do have their own mutual admiration society, especially when one lot doles out over US$3b annually (of US taxpayers’ money) to the other lot. And with poverty and inequality still at high levels in the US the question is: why are those disadvantaged so nonchalantly docile?

On press responsibility, here we have an example of the complete uselessness of the US MSM (and the BBC, that Fox with a British accent). Jon Snow of Channel 4, the This-is-Not-BBC Channel, interviews Mark Regev, Australian Israeli of German heritage.

GAZA 2014 | Jon Snow ‘annihilates’ Israeli spokesperson Mark Regev

Typical, Regev has no pangs of conscience, no qualms – by definition he has none. But we should not be surprised if soon he surfaces in the US as some very important fund-raiser for some US politician or as some very senior official in some US administration or as head of AIPAC. After all, the Israeli Ambassador to the US is was (?) a US-born citizen – it’s so very complicated, same society and all that. Less complicated would be to give an example of ‘obtuse‘?