…the schooling of scolari…

…reputation truly löwered…

As Felipao Scolari continues to bemoan his personal embarrassment and loss of prestige, news continues to surface that his coaching decisions, obvious to even the non-expert, had led the Brasil team to Lamm to be slaughtered, needlessly. The results, not even close, yet certainly  Klöse as Ronaldo knows. As the Telegraph reports, The inside story of what went wrong for Brazil. Brief excerpts,

However, the backlash against him has become increasingly angry with Scolari having apparently changed his team selection and tactics at 11am on Wednesday – just six hours before kick-off in Belo Horizonte – much to the astonishment of the players.

Brazil had trained with three powerful midfielders in Luiz Gustavo, Fernandinho and Paulinho to try and combat the strength of the formidable German midfield of Bastian Schweinsteiger, Sami Khedira and Toni Kroos.

But then Scolari shocked his players by changing his line-up – bringing in the diminutive winger Bernard and leaving out Paulinho and attempting to attack the Germans. It is understood Brazil did not even try this formation in training and Bernard’s inclusion, plus the persistence with the out-of-form striker Fred, left some players bewildered.

[Bold added for emphasis]

A coach who declares he didn’t know what happened to his team in the six minutes? Luiz Felipe Scolari: I can’t explain what happened in those six minutes. And excerpts of what he was quoted as saying,

“If I could explain what happened in those six minutes I would answer but I do not know.

“The crash was also the coaching staff, the fans, it was overall, no one understood, and the team from Germany, which is good, took the opportunity.

“I cannot explain, I will not justify. An error occurred and this error was fatal.

“We can lose by one or two but we lost in a way that we had never done before in the history of Brazilian football…”

No change of tactics after the first two goals? Very early goals? The German coach literally Löw-ered the boom on Scolari’s abandonment of the strategy of ‘O Jogo Bonito’, and with a solid defense for some ad hoc mish-mash. No mid-field to show respect for Germany’s formidable own? So much available talent squandered? Whose idea to bring out the # 10 jersey to remind all, especially Marcelo, of Neymar’s near miss with career-threatening paralysis, “I can’t feel my legs”? Thiago’s silly foul, and going into the quarters where the other teams had their players, other than Di Maria’s thigh strain on the pitch against Belgium? Fred? A coach’s responsibilities include what exactly?

Now imagine – if Löw has been humming a melody that so easily comes to mind, Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 14 as Brazil was giving such a pathetique performance…

In any case, today two teams meet to decide third place, two teams that have betrayed their roots and their fans and football with a brand of football alien to their style and culture, Brazil in particular. And tomorrow two teams meet to decide the Cup, one of which was more reputed and respected for its very solid, near impregnable, defense than for its present flowing, even at times dazzling, football.

Has the worm turned? Or will 2018 reveal 2014 to be a mere aberration, a nightmare that is over?