…iraq, a human disaster that continues…

…elsewhere considered, at best, ‘a policy mistake’…

Chaos unleashed.

Paul Krugman who proved to be prescient on the debacle returns to the topic on which he has been curiously silent. This time, The Iraq Stain. He highlights a chilling reality only recently made public, the criminal enterprise of war.

So in a way it’s not too surprising o learn that we didn’t just, incredibly, rely heavily on politically connected mercenaries, but that said mercenaries threatened violence against our own officials:

John Queally over at juan cole’s blog continues the theme, and in language for the moviegoer,  Blackwater: Nice State Dept. you have here, shame if Anything happened to It.

As the trial continues against Blackwater mercenaries accused of a bloody massacre that took place in Iraq in 2007 and left seventeen civilians dead, new documents reveal that just weeks prior to that incident a State Department investigation into the practices of the private military company was cut short after threats of deadly violence.

If one can recall that pallets of US hard currency, millions of dollars in high denominations, had ‘gone missing’ during the Iraq destruction, such stuff is par for the course. The irony continues as the same architects of death and destruction are given voice and presence by the same US MSM that so misled curiously inattentive US citizens and attempted to do so with a sceptical world. A clip from John Stewart, again at cole’s blog, examines the catastrophe and its omnipresent culpables, Cheney’s Blame Game on Iraq: Mess O’Potamia – 300 (Jon Stewart)

And the dancing around with regard to the abject failure of governments to bring charges of war crimes, even against those who have admitted them, is plodding at best – as wecstay with cole and his link to Amy Goodman, Bush-Cheney Committed War Crimes: Terrorism Czar. Now then, what useful purpose would it serve to prosecute those responsible for the loss of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives, the dislocation of millions of innocent people, the destruction of a country, even the widespread looting of artifacts of early human civilisation. Time to ‘look forward’?

…Ahead, history awaits…