…iraq? why not? this time is different…

…success at serial failure is good enough for the wise…

Tens of thousands of US troops, ‘contractors’ and the colluding ‘coalition of the willing’ and an Armageddon of firepower, depleted uranium and white phosphorous did not conquer Iraq, but 300 US special forces and some drones will now do it. This time is different.

When the siren call of violence becomes too irresistible, we ask, ‘Whose turn at the trough?’ Thanks to blogs and alternate media those experts who lack an agenda have their voices heard and expertise proffered to the curious citizen. We have Prof Juan Cole, now we have Prof Andrew Bacevich who is interviewed by Bill Moyers at moyers & co. With the special interest groups forever in print or electronic media the ploy would have had continuing success but for continuing rise of the blogs and alternate media. The lucrative path to fame and fortune is guaranteed for the ‘chosen clique’ with war, now enshrined as US foreign policy. The interview, Chaos in Iraq: Bill Moyers Interviews Andrew Bacevich, ensures that the interested viewer has at the finger tip the basic question, ‘What makes this time so different?’

Other quick glimpses at how the yarn is continually spun, though to a decreasingly credulous US citizenry. With a headline like this even US toddlers would be immediately armed to protect ‘the values and civilization of the US and the West’. This headline from the Telegraph is truly priceless – comical but for its tragic seriousness, US ‘must strike Iraqi jihadists to save the West’.

And how some public officials see themselves immune from lying, and lying with no sense of shame or embarrassment, or lying with the conviction that the citizen is still as gullible, all that  is evident here, Nato boss claims Russia has secretly infiltrated green groups fighting fracking. The Independent reports,

The outgoing Secretary General of Nato has sparked ridicule from environmentalists after claiming that Russia is secretly orchestrating green groups opposed to fracking.

Former Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen told journalists that Moscow was coordinating opposition to the controversial technology in order to promote dependence on Russian oil and gas.

So Russia is orchestrating the anti-‘fracking’ campaign? This executioner of the sundering of Libya and Libyan leader Gadaffi soon moves onto the just rewards for his exceptional folly. Failure does assure wealth for that ‘special class’.

The dishonest and the cynical get richer with political facilitation, while the others, snake bitten, keep sliding down the ladder of the 99%. Then again that is the West, on which the sun is setting with the feverish assistance of the US ruling class.