…the evil that men do…

…will follow them into the ignominy of history (Sorry, Bard)..

The imperial duplicity of France and the UK against their trusting Arab allies of the First World War has two names on their tombstone, Sykes and Picot, as greed created and distributed Syria and Lebanon to France, and Mesopotamia and Palestine to the British. The temptation to be lured into the ignominy of history was dangled before the imperial power represented by George W Bush and the faded empire, UK and its coat-tail clinging Tony Blair, and proved irresistible.

Since history is not a game, ended at a specific time, those who exhorted that to ‘look forward’ is the way of the future would soon confront the past awaiting with grim determination. And here it is. The US and its faded imperial allies now discover an Islamic group named ISIS/ISIL, a group determined to discard those colonial boundaries that have spawned so many conflicts. And whom do they have to thank for this opportunity? Well, the US with its ‘coalition of the willing’ with their scorched-earth policy in Iraq and elsewhere. [Always a new name, a new existential threat.]

To go beyond what should be known to any average student of history, one has to defer to the experts, and that we do. Prof Juan Cole, a Middle East expert weighs in, and we wonder who are in charge in policy in the US, the UK, and France. Prof Cole gets to the point, the point evaded by the US MSM and its allies, the point that has come back to not just ‘haunt’ but to hurt, and hurt the innocent. Here he deals with the smarmy Tony Blair, enriched by the sorry affair.  Blair-Bush & Iraq: It’s not just the quagmire but the Lawbreaking & Deception.

And, yes, if one were to now ‘look back’, one would wonder why spying and subterfuge were conducted on friendly countries, their people, their leaders, their companies and their institutions. For the supreme irony, the two leaders spied on by the US President and his government, Chancellor Merkel of Germany and President Dilma Roussef of Brazil are meeting in Brazil, after which they should be off to see some football, Germany vs Portugal. Then, again, the US President would have known more about this than about ISIS/ISIL, which owes its existence to the US and the still ambitious, faded western empires.

[Is the new enemy, ISIS/ISIL? Is it a bigger threat than Al-Qa’ida? What of the Al-Qa’ida ‘franchise’ in impoverished Yemen? More military funding, more spying needed – on still (?) friendly countries?]

…such are the vicissitudes of life – Shock and Awe…