…restart for world cup?…

No, no. Not Marcelo being fouled, on the turf and clutching his face where he was not struck. Not Fred doing a dive. Truly unsportsmanlike, both. No, not the team failing to ‘click’, though some promising ‘sparks’ did glimmer. No, we remain content with the first goal of two of the magician Neymar and the first of wizard Oscar against a very solid, though a bit robust, Croatia.

The World Cup must restart because home viewers, somewhere, were unable to hear the performance of Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull fans complain about sound quality at World Cup Opening Ceremony. The Telegraph reporter observes,

The World Cup got off to a faltering start on Thursday night when poor sound quality left many television viewers unable to enjoy the opening ceremony.

Jennifer Lopez took to the stage to sing the official Fifa song We Are One (Ole Ola), looking on fine form for 44.

[bold added for emphasis]

The very many of us who follow World Cup never seem to recall any importance attached to such distractions that verge on irritating. And, to be regrettably sexist, unless the reporter lacked vision other than for the stage, he could have looked around, anywhere, and beheld ladies long past that age, and looking in much finer ‘form’ than Ms Lopez.

But we understand, henceforth we look for the tv commercials, McDonalds and other frivolousness, and vote on the best? After all these years, it is not the match, it is the distractions that matter – now we know…

…yes, Neymar against Modric – clear foul and yellow…