…quem deus vult perdere, dementat prius…

…does the fish soar to find the ocean, the eagle plunge to find the air– … [With all due regard to Francis Thompson]

Well, maybe the flying fish; but this US eagle does, and is doing so, with reckless abandon.

Let us see. Just recently The Guardian gives us, John Kerry launches global effort to save world’s oceans ‘under siege’. The War Hero’s observation,

“Increasingly, the ocean is threatened,” Kerry told a small group of reporters at the State Department. “The world’s oceans, as vast as they are, as much as they elicit a sense of awe for size and power, they are under siege.”

[bold added for emphasis]

One would wonder why the ‘First Diplomat’ of the US has not been more active in cleaning up Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, especially where the appalling destructive legacy of the US remains especially evident in continuing birth defects from Agent Orange and contaminated soil. Or Iraq, Fallujah in particular, with the continuing high rates of cancer and birth defects associated with profligate use of white phosphorous and depleted uranium. The cost of US destructive interventions to protect some threatened democracy and freedom of the US, and ever widening boulevard to fame and fortune for many of the exceptionalist zealots.

Then, shortly after, would come from The Guardian, White House calls on Iraq government to ‘step up to the plate’ over Mosul. The official is quoted,

“We are going to continue our important relationship in terms of providing some security assistance to the government of Iraq but ultimately there is a responsibility on behalf of the Iraqi leaders to step up to the plate here, that includes prime minister Maliki,” he told reporters in Washington.

[bold added for emphasis]

If the US President and the US MSM were not so desperate to have the pliant to  ‘look forward’, they would have known that Iraq with its US supported brutal tyrant was then a secular and prosperous Muslim country. Nothing like greed for oil and the urge to satisfy innate destructive passions. Of course, the baseball metaphor is instructive for a country that plays football, a country where the plates and everything else had been broken, as had millions of lives – by the ever sanctimonious US that exhorts all to ‘look forward’?

And as the centre is no longer holding and as things come apart, as the poem goes, we now have, Obama Weighs ‘All Options’ for Iraq as Hawks Revive War Drums. From over at common dreams,

Speaking at the White House on Thursday, President Obama said his military advisers are monitoring events in Iraq closely and that he and his team are “looking at all the options” in order to offer assistance to the Iraqi government. “I don’t rule out anything because we do have a stake in making sure that these jihadists are not getting a permanent foot hold in either Iraq or Syria,” said Obama, portending a decision about the possibility of U.S. military involvement in the coming weeks, if not days.

[bold added for emphasis]

Clearly, we have one more effectual in photo-ops with those obligatory props than in what does matter, accomplishments of substance, not mere window-dressing, tinkering ‘at the edges’, especially near national elections, literally touted as great deeds by the complicit MSM.

Inescapable conclusion: Ivy league education and ivy league ‘education’. Indomitable inexperience has merely succeeded (?) obstreperous obtuseness as US leadership, with mayhem and destabilization abroad undiminished. ‘Red line…All options on table…Line in sand…Boots on the ground…Kinetic action…Hitler…Pivoting.. Shock and awe…’ And as with all such Presidents there must be the eponymous doctrine, this one with the wearying cliché, “…the United States is and remains the one indispensable nation…”, a figment of the imagination now of only the delusional.

professor juan cole holds forth on such topics, further exposing the fundamental haplessness and hopelessness of the whole lot…