…biding time, and to bid a thank you…

…the farce, priceless…

The US vice-president takes to wing once more to spread peace and good cheer among the mortified and terrified of Europe. Mortified and terrified of whom, another question. From McClatchy, we’re informed,  Biden returns to Europe in wake of Ukraine crisis. And the first paragraph says it,

Vice President Joe Biden leaves tonight for Romania and Cyprus, his latest trip aimed at reassuring European countries rattled by Russian President’s Vladimir Putin’s incursion into Ukraine.

Let’s see. Some US$5b ‘invested’ to ‘wean’ the Ukraine to the US and NATO camp, and a putsch staged against a democratically elected President, even if allegedly corrupt-as his predecessors. Plus those who choose to remember would remember that Russia did have a long-standing agreement with Ukraine on its naval base in Crimea, a fact conveniently glossed over by the corporate MSM, just like the fact of a referendum held in the Crimea that would result in its re-absorption into the Russian Federation.

And to add strong irony to the thing, the world has been bemused witness to ample photos of the involvement of lead architects of ‘régime change’, even some infamous voice recordings. Clearly, over at mcclatchy someone’s not at all au fait of the goings on? Or, this jingoistic stenography thing? Putin’s incursion?

Then comes another journey into the farcical,

…He’ll also talk about deepening economic ties, including through the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and steps to bolster Europe’s energy security.

 Ah, yes, that TTIP, another ‘free trade’ yarn spun by the MNCs, and dutifully, stenographically reported by the corporate MSM. As Dean Baker had observed – couple excerpts,

The most important fact to know about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is that promoting trade is not really the purpose of the deal. With few exceptions, traditional trade barriers, in the form of tariffs or quotas, between the United States and European Union (EU) are already low. No one would devote a great deal of effort to bringing them down further, there is not much to be gained.

The pursuit of free trade is just a cover for the real agenda of the TTIP. The deal is about imposing a regulatory structure to be enforced through an international policing mechanism that likely would not be approved through the normal political processes in each country. The rules that will be put in place as a result of the deal are likely to be more friendly to corporations and less friendly to the environment and consumers than current rules. And, they will likely impede economic growth.

Nothing could be clearer? Then we get a perspective of present achievements and possible future plans for the inevitable departure,

The Cyprus Mail notes his visit already is drawing mixed responses. And it’s not without some controversy at home: the White House last week sought to downplay news that Biden’s youngest son, Hunter, has been appointed head of legal affairs for Cyprus-based Burisma Holdings — Ukraine’s largest private gas producer.

Sheer coincidence, this little matter. And Cyprus, then. But there is, no doubt, a great future in energy for some more folk – if what’s now left of Ukraine stays that way.