…corporate msm mischief; so, parry, thrust, touché in ukraine…

 …I am in blood
Stepped in so far that, should I wade no more,
Returning were as tedious as go o’er.
[Macbeth, Act 3 Scene 4]

…ah, but for the human cost of such mischief…

Robert Parry again unsheathes his rapier-like quill. And as with a previous post, he provides a lucid (and damning) analysis of the imperial predisposition of the corporate US MSM. Here again, Ukraine, he uses the reflexive bias of the NYT in its coverage of the events that continue to unfold there, and NYT’s cynical omission of the catalytic factors that now account for the ongoing instability, chaos and death. Over at common dreams his article,  Another NYT ‘Sort of’ Retraction on Ukraine, touches on some egregious lapses in journalistic responsibilities. One earlier observation to demonstrate the pattern,

 Times’ editors thought they had the goods two weeks ago with a front-page scoop featuring photographs supposedly proving the presence of Russian special forces troops. According to the Times, the photos “clearly” showed Russian special forces in Russia and then the same soldiers in eastern Ukraine.

And the progress proceeds downhill, and fast. The NYT reporters sent into ‘the field’ discovered, apparently without much editing, as Parry observes,

The reporters also discovered mostly well-worn and dated weaponry, not the newer and more sophisticated equipment that is available to Russian forces.

As for their colleagues,

Other Western journalists, who have bothered to report from eastern Ukraine rather than just accept handouts from the U.S. Embassy in Kiev or the State Department in Washington, discovered a similar reality.

And if there was any lingering doubt about the utter unreliability, even untrustworthiness, of the US MSM,we have a statement of fact,

It was also the much-maligned Russian press that first reported the secret visit of CIA Director John Brennan to Kiev. Though the White House later confirmed that report, Herszenhorn cited Medvedev’s reference to it in the context of “misinformation” and “conspiracy theories.” Nowhere in the long article did the Times inform its readers that, yes, the CIA director did make a secret visit to Ukraine.

[Trustworthiness in matters of small moment is insufficient to attract the time and patience of any curious reader.]

Of course, of the Russian press, RT has been more than up to the task, also in responding to thoughtless attacks on its lack of adherence to the ‘party line’. Indeed, even the humble blog, firedoglake, is less unprofessional in its reporting, as DS Wright proffers an inconvenient truth from which US MSM shies, Kiev Forces Commit Massacre In East Ukraine, more evidence of the increasing irrelevance of ‘traditional’ news.

So then, a review of events with active participation by the corporate media. The cost (lives, destruction) of Iraq blithely excused as a ‘mistake’; the ‘West’ inspired chaos (death and destruction) in a now splintered Libya; the legitimate opposition in Syria displaced by ‘West’ inspired mercenaries and fanatics with undiminishing death and destruction. And now, similarly for Ukraine. The likes of WaPo and the NYT, not to mention US cable and network TV, all gung ho in promoting the nobility of purpose of the corporate ‘West’ and highlighting the demonic evil of the inconvenient l’ennemi du jour, President Putin of Russia at the moment.

And in keeping with the Macbethian US Foreign Policy, we have another astute and well-informed observation on the equivalence of statecraft and witchcraft. And we have a truly good opportunity to freshen up on that Bard, Bard oeuvre, with Statecraft or Witchcraft?, teeming with scary witches and their fellow mischief makers. An attention grabber,

Mind you, not everyone involved is a witch. President Obama, for instance, is just a claymation figure that reads from a teleprompter, while the Secretary of State John Kerry was at some point replaced with a cardboard cut-out of himself, and, sadly, nobody even noticed. Nor are all the witches female; it’s a gender-neutral pursuit.

[Instead of ‘claymation’, some of us had opted for ‘hologram’.]

Halloween has come early for the US, and for countries totally unfamiliar with the thing. The US general public should by now tire of the continual ‘trick’, propaganda, long evident to most elsewhere.

…but for the blogs and alternative media…