…ukraine echo chamber, cacophony?…

…and not a moment too soon…

Hold the ketchup. The US Secretary of State and War Hero (Vietnam) has his knickers in a knot, his ‘Irish’ dander up. Not just the blogs are exposing the deliberate propaganda, misinformation and disinformation, from the corporate MSM, now comes RT which always invites its readers and viewers to ‘Question More’. RT TV is failing to be obsequious, to unquestioningly issue the exceptionalist decrees as holy facts − not good.

And what did the Diplomat of the ‘international community’ have to say?

Risible. Such alarm RT has caused with the respect it continues to harvest as the ‘echo chambers’ fall into increasing disrepute and ridicule that the Chief Diplomat of the US finds it critical to publicly denounce RT. Forsooth, the noble diplomat doth protest too much?

A brief journey into the performance of the corporate MSM, and we judge. We ignore stuff like the ‘Indian Wars’ and the NYT’s coverage. Or Iraq. Or Libya. Or Syria (then again, maybe not). We look at the Ukraine.

Journalist Robert Parry provides some perspectives on the Ukraine over at common dreams with,  Prepping for a Ukrainian Massacre. A glance,

While the U.S. news media is treating these blurry photos as the slam-dunk evidence of direct Russian control of the eastern Ukrainian protests – despite denials by the Russian government and the protesters – the BBC was among the few news agencies that provided a more objective assessment, noting that the photos are open to a variety of interpretations


Avakov: Russia is taking advantage of the depressed condition of the local economy of these regions. … But even in spite of that situation, in the city of Kramatorsk [the Russians] did not have the level of support that they expected. We do not behave radically there for one reason.

Weymouth: When you say ‘radically,’ do you mean you don’t fight the terrorists?

[bold added for emphasis]

In the first case we have ‘slam dunk’ (famous expression, over one million Iraqis dead, etc) evidence of Russian military. In the second, we have ‘terrorists’ as determined by Weymouth, a WaPo ‘reporter’?

And back to the NYT and its stenography of Russian uniforms and other terrible goings-on. Robert Parry comes back, Error… Error: NYT Retracts Ukraine/Russian-Photo Scoop. Snippets,

Two days after the New York Times led its editions with a one-sided article about photos supposedly proving that Russian special forces were behind the popular uprisings in eastern Ukraine, the Times published what you might call a modified, limited retraction.

Buried deep inside the Wednesday editions (page 9 in my paper), the article by Michael R. Gordon and Andrew E. Kramer – two of the three authors from the earlier story – has this curious beginning: “A collection of photographs that Ukraine says shows the presence of Russian forces in the eastern part of the country, and which the United States cited as evidence of Russian involvement, has come under scrutiny.”

[bold added for emphasis]

And, yes, if, at mere sight of his name, we associate Michael R. Gordon with the likes of Judith Miller and John F Burns, we know exactly what to expect with this tepid WMD Version 1.00001 of short shelf-life.

Then we had that little matter of Syria and poison gas. Secretary of State Kerry and shilling NYT. NYT had to back pedal on this – after being refuted by experts from MIT. None from the corporate MSM has to date dared to challenge the gaffe-prone Chief Diplomat on his numerous erroneous claims. Nor would any challenge his undiplomatic promoting of a clearly fraudulent flier. Par for the course with this band of bumblers who have now plunged the world into the consequences of the Pandora’s Box opened by UberDiplomat Victoria, and the unleashing of (some of) her Secrets?

As for RT, we let Pepe Escobar have the final word. And Pepe’s word is final, ‘Mr. Kerry, let’s talk about Fox News, BBC and Al-Jazeera bullhorns’.