…inequality? what inequality? hold the pitchforks! pass the duck!…

…the glib, ever more so; the gullible, increasingly much less so…

To put the face of the disadvantaged to the forefront, we have an article from The Independent (UK), The food poverty scandal that shames Britain: Nearly 1m people rely on handouts to eat – and benefit reforms may be to blame

And from The Guardian, From food banks to property bubbles – the moral decay that blights Britain. A tart observation on how the visible is made invisible, especially with regard to the disadvantaged,

Food banks will be to the 2010s what hunger marches were to the 1930s. But they are not dramatic places. You don’t see queues of distressed people waiting by their doors. The food banks are discreet. The Anglicans who run them show their kindness by doing nothing to draw attention to their clients’ poverty.

 [Yet the Guardian’s writer places his faith in another political party, the party of Tony Blair, to right wrongs of which Labour had been a major part?]

Britain, one country where ‘expansionary austerity’ was a disaster, yet hailed as a ripping success by the Conservatives. Must be the water – from all that fracking?…

And over to the US where we touch on an excerpt from Joseph Stiglitz’s, The Price of Inequality (now in paperback), that appeared in Vanity Fair in May 2012, The 1 Percent’s Problem A teaser,

Why won’t America’s 1 percent—such as the six Walmart heirs, whose wealth equals that of the entire bottom 30 percent—be a bit more . . . selfish? As the widening financial divide cripples the U.S. economy, even those at the top will pay a steep price.

A reminder should put things into more solid context. The corporate MSM, ever eager and complicit in the deception, plays the game well as it shapes perception to the extent that many victims may even support their victimisers. Just one instance of a few years back. The corporate network news spins the tale of a no-nonsense President determined to address the urgent needs of his US citizens. As yet another canard, now plucked and soon-to-be curried, goes,  Obama to Bankers: I’m Standing ‘Between You and the Pitchforks’ 

But, President Obama cut them off. “My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks,” the president told them. The CEOs might have guessed they were in for a rough go of it.  They found themselves gathered at a table with nothing more than a single glass of water at each seat. No food, no other beverages, no ice — no refills, even.

No doubt about it. A President of All the People. The People’s President. And with such packaging many would fall for the performance, making it much easier for the subsequent Presidential exculpation of the Wall Street and banking types – from his 40 thousand feet as William Black had observed. [And Prof Black did know how to deal with fraud in the US, and very well did he deal with fraud in the US financial sector, savings and loan.]

As the charade continued, there then would be a report that examined the performance of a senior federal law enforcement officer, Frontline Gets Its Man: Lanny Breuer Leaves DOJ After Exposé. Frontline’s TV documentary, The Untouchables, had exposed the glaring inaction on the part of US law enforcement – in the face of the obvious, as millions of innocent people had been forced to, and continue to pay the price.

Mr Breuer had even confessed to having had more concerns for banks’ survival than for their egregious wrongdoings that damaged millions of lives and incomes. He would return promptly, ‘pivot’, to his former firm, Covington and Burling, the same firm as his colleague and current head of his former Department.

And in the case of the still too numerous US citizens who seem to believe in hope, comes the sad grim reality explicitly explained on what they experience, but allow themselves to be induced into believing they do not experience. US Is an Oligarchy Not a Democracy, says Scientific Study. The conclusion has been evident from myriad reports on inequality and the role of the politicians and the press in the capture.

As if the dispossessed and continually besieged of the world as a whole demanded more abuse and intelligence insulted, we now have the Managing Director of the IMF promising to address the crushing problem of inequality. Yes, the IMF redressing inequality, IMF Will Address Global Inequality, Says Managing Director Christine Lagarde. [Consternation or derision invited?]

Publicity-shy this Director certainly is not. Some would recommend that she follow this example of ‘Best Practices’, an example that is constantly under threat and action from a tottering giant of a neighbour, How Economic Populism Is Transforming the Most Unequal Region of the Globe.

Is this an example worthy of emulation? Then again what of the precedence of the IMF’s exceptional clients of the ‘west’? Those intellectual property rights, those state-investor dispute resolution mechanisms where the investor, mainly of the ‘west’, has primacy? What will become of the military? Or of the constant mischief?

…duck, well-curried, is served!…