…a long way to tipperary…

…but a mere few weeks to go for the Great Event…

The event will be remembered, ruefully, on 28 June 2014, its centenary. That was the spark that would set Europe ablaze on 28 July 1914, drawing in the rest of the world, innocent and guilty alike.

The print media

The Independent has a series of articles that should pique the interest as they highlight the obvious – the madness of war and the arrogance and criminality of those responsible. Millions killed and wounded. Countries destroyed. New national borders created.

A History of the First World War in 100 moments: Our unique series captures sense of what it was like to be in the Great War

One article that should provoke interest with its gory detail, A History of the First World War in 100 Moments: Austro-Hungarian army executes civilians in Serbia

Here, we have some insight into how usually normal people can be transformed into collective, conscienceless war criminals. But the audio-visual does provide the conclusive evidence in searing detail. No, war is not as anti-septic as the US MSM has depicted it to ensure its acceptability to even the squeamish who just want to be otherwise distracted.

The audio-visual media

From the BBC we have its old but still relevant documentary on the Great War. Using archival footage from the major combatants, the BBC brings to life the conflict. Senseless slaughter and destruciton. Egos. Human ingenuity. Timely technological advances. Propaganda. Not easy viewing.

World War 1 – The Great War – BBC Documentary – Episode 1

[As evident in one episode, the British attitude toward the Irish people is barely concealed.]

Yes, Roses of Picardy remains a haunting, poignant song of love and separation in the midst of horrific war…

And, while not looking backward is the incriminating recommendation of the cynical, we see evidence of the events that would lead up to World War I, just as that the events of that war would lay the foundation for World War II. The evidence comes from the BBC’s dramatization of the inevitable fall of eagles, of czars, kaisers and kings preordained by divine right.

Fall of Eagles 1 13 Death Waltz BBC Drama Series)

The First Movement of Mahler’s 5th Symphony certainly adds to the drama.

…And what’s with this ‘Great’ business? Great War? Great Depression? Great Recession? The human cost? Someone’s macabre sense of humour?…