…’top dunces’ – pilots of the comicaze us foreign policy…

…if only it were a movie, a comedy…

A brief sampler.


Most undistracted folk had sussed it out early. Leading up to and during the Sochi Olympic Games, the vitriol that the US media directed toward the Russian President, Vladmir Putin (amateurishly so, not Russia) was jarring and suggestive of things to come. Then, on schedule, would come the coup d’état in the Ukraine. No rocket science was necessary to deduce the source of the plot. Any doubt would be removed by the leaked tape of the conversation between two of its likely leaders, as neatly summarised in a chronology of events over at common dreams.

Fortunately, that earlier and slightly distracted Putin would no longer be so, as he and the Crimeans resorted to Russian and Crimean history and culture. With that the ‘high-fiving’ plotters would get the surprise of their lives. What will be left of the Ukraine would see, as already in the formative stage, the surrender of the country’s assets to Western interests for a pittance, with Ukraine’s remaining citizenry paying for the betrayal of the country to the corporate West by ‘Yats’ and his pre-selected cronies as the IMF prepares to mete out its customary medicine.


Then there is that Palestine matter. As a show of statesmanship and knowledge of Middle Eastern Affairs, the US President would exhort the Palestinian leader to ‘take risks’ for peace (take risks for peace?) – dutifully reported by the establishment BBC.

Then would come a corker from the US Secretary of State – proof that once that US mouth gets in gear without thought knowledge and experience are completely unnecessary. We learn from over at common dreams, US Slams Palestine for Disrupting ‘Peace Process’ with Peace Conventions. So much for US as ‘honest broker’ – unless it is meant as a joke.

Latin America and the Caribbean

To further confirm the terminal state, the utter ‘brain deadness’, of imploding US foreign policy, the Associated Press (AP), spied on and harassed, would indeed provide evidence of the USAID being officially and clumsily involved in yet another covert operation to ‘undermine’ (overthrow?) the Cuban government. Not knowing when to leave well alone, the White House ‘spinner’ would claim the project was ‘discreet’ – idiocy taken to yet a higher and rarer level.

Even the BBC, (in)famously associated with the overthrow of a democratically elected government in Iran in 1953, has two news items that merit attention. In one it curiously headlines ‘plots’, while detailing plots (without quotation marks). Past US ‘plots’ against communist Cuba. In the other, neatly juxtaposed, the ‘Beeb” reports on USAID in Kenya, USAid ‘not plotting to topple Kenya government’, a news event that received scant to no coverage from the US MSM.

And for the role of USAID in Latin America and the Caribbean comes a more detailed analysis by Dan Beeton over at the latin americas blog at cepr, USAID Subversion in Latin America Not Limited to Cuba. The official evidence on the Venezuela obsession confirms what many have long suspected and had had reinforced by anecdotal evidence, with all doubts now removed.

For the audio-visual on this ZunZuneo episode, Amy Goodman at Democracy Now! explores this bit of imperial folly that has the civilised world all atwitter and bemused, and more alert. Ms Goodman kindly humours us with a clip of one of the pre-eminent and hapless court jesters of the US government, Is USAID the New CIA? Agency Secretly Built Cuban Twitter Program to Fuel Anti-Castro Protests.

Clearly, the serious implications from this foolhardy and expensive (cost and international respect and foregone domestic matters) enterprise are lost on none but these very comicaze pilots of idiocy.