…tpp? and a ttip on the side?…

…er, no crumpets?…

[Repetition so vital to counter the US MSM’s incessant repetition of disinformation and misinformation to further entrench the 1% ‘nobility’.]

In the US, there still remains a small but fearless band of legislators who actually believe they should represent the interests of their voters and their country, rather than only those of the corporate class that controls their two parties. That notion in today’s US is indeed quaint – which makes it understandable that Representative Alan Grayson might be kept  at arm’s length, on the outer fringes of his corporate Democratic party.

Over at fdl, Rob Kall interviews US Congressman Alan Grayson, Alan Grayson Talks About TPP, Globalization, NAFTA and Obama. Some excerpts,

R.K.: Now Obama is really pushing for this and refuses to tell Congress or even what’s in the TPP. What are your thoughts on Obama’s advocacy for this.  Why, what is he doing?

A.G.: Well President Obama is unusually close with the corporate titans when it comes to economic issues.  I think this is true whether you’re talking about banks, whether you’re talking about computers and the internet, or for that matter whether you’re talking about trade.

[bold added for emphasis]


He has consistency appointed at advisers on trade that represent corporate shills and, you know, the TPP has been negotiated with the help of six hundred so-called advisers who are allowed to see the information about the current text, the drafts.

Members of Congress are not involved– none of those advisers are members of Congress.

[bold added for emphasis]

‘Democracy’ in action. Now, if that is not the teaser to read the entire interview, and an incentive to then move onto these articles…

Over at naked capitalism, Yves Smith has a look at the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the role of some of the good folk who have been ‘judges’, arbiters in the Investor-State Dispute Resolution (ISDR), or some such concoction – the hapless of the great unwashed in the great out there, beyond the US, have long experienced such benevolent ministrations. The chart tells the tale of woe that would afflict the unfortunate who may have to face such esteemed arbiters. And the World Bank has long, long had such a thing. [And that issue of patents and copyrights, and we know there is trouble, trouble, right here in River City.] Countries Rejecting Trade Deal Provisions that Let Investors Override National Regulation

And how much worse can it get? Well, the role of the corporate MSM has been again exposed, and badly so, with a recent attack on the Congressman Grayson. Of all people is Ms Cokie Roberts, so-called ‘pundit’. In another embarrassing display of abysmal ignorance of issues of substance, she dared to attack the Congressman as she extolled the virtues of the TPP – failing to mention that benefits would accrue mainly to the multinational corporations (MNCs) and their political sponsors.

Yves Smith excerpts Mr Grayson’s blog post where he exposes and exoriates the jingoistic corporate advocacy of the US news media at the expense of nearly all US citizens, and does so with one of many literary thrusts,

Recently, ABC infohack Cokie Roberts, doyenne of the D.C. Establishment, attacked me in her nationally syndicated column. Why? Because I dared to speak the truth about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a so-called “free trade agreement” that has lobbyists and Washington insiders alike clamoring to stuff their pockets with corrupt corporate cash. And because I dared to speak the truth about “Fast Track,” legislation whose sole purpose is to cram TPP and other corporate rip-offs down our throats.

By attacking me, Cokie Roberts unintentionally has provided a fascinating case study in how Washington, D.C. really works. Her attack on me was really an attack on the American middle class. Her attack on me was an attack on you.

Touché, Congressman.

In the ‘good old days’ before blogs and alternative media, Ms Roberts and folk of her ilk would have ruled the day. Not in today’s world. Ms Roberts typifies that lot that confirms the argument against watching any US network and cable news or heeding any of their ‘pundits’, as if any proof were still needed. That old saying, ‘Ex nihilo nihil fit’. By itself or added to others, a zero is a zero.

The loud silence from the US MSM on issues that should have been exposed to the US voting public continues to be truly deafening. And the 99% of the US, among whom many keep sliding downward, will experience a decline in their overall share of the income pie – unless the likes of a Congressman Grayson can be a catalyst for action, can lead the charge confident that there are disadvantaged who are engaged, supporting and following, instead of watching TV or doing the ‘shop till you drop’ thing.