…smog gets in your eyes…

…and not to mention those lungs…

No sooner had the UN released its report on Climate Change than there would be other very visible and health signs for those in the West. Paris earlier had its own episode – even as the West would choose earlier to rebuke China for its own recent emissions and discomforts. This case it is the UK, as the Independent would report

Fog, smog, pea soupers and the Saharan dust storm: What are they and how dangerous can they be? Just how dangerous can air pollution mixed with Saharan dust be?

And, temporarily postponing political predisposition, the Telegraph does see the same thing,

Sahara dust storm prompts ‘serious’ health warning for asthmatics The Saharan dust storm could trigger a spike in asthma attacks and also lead to previously undiagnosed sufferers developing the condition, a leading expert has warned.

These news items prompt us refer to couple timely articles by Tim Taylor over at conversable economist. And we are treated to no hifalutin equations to distract the busy reader; instead, clear exposition of complex stuff,  Air Pollution: World’s Biggest Health Hazard

Another article that belongs high in the list of handy references on environmental economics, especially for those in warmer climes,where mangroves are seen as easily qualified for immediate destruction, Climate Change Strategies (Including Mangroves)

One added benefit of these articles is that Prof Taylor includes links to related articles.