…venezuela and that chile model…

…but we start with Prof William Black in Ecuador…

There he also was interviewed on Ecuadoran TV, Gama. That interview dealt with the social and economic policies of President Rafael Correa. Prof Black’s views put into context the obsession of the corporate US with reining in, undermining, disrupting, such policies that have been more successful in improving the quality of life for all Ecuador’s citizens, not just that of its oligarchs. [Honduras, anyone?]

Over at the new economic perspectives blog, we find that interview. And the advantage is the English translation. NEP’s Bill Black on GamaTV in Ecuador

And, as we know, Ecuador did really have its share of US-inspired  ‘protests’, especially from one entity funded by USAID. The effort then to oust the democratically elected President had failed. But we turn to Venezuela, that Moby Dick.

Venezuela, with its architect of social and economic development for all peoples of the region and not exclusively for the profits of the corporate class, the late President Chávez, would remain the major obsession, its monomania. The short-lived coup of 2002 has really proved to be no lesson, no deterrent. Not even the successive electoral defeats for the representatives of the oligarchy that have suppressed the development of Venezuela, a country endowed with vast natural resources but sizeable human resources deprived of opportunity.

Enrique Capriles, that neo-con favourite, has been an accomplished serial loser. However, Leopoldo López, more successful than Capriles, is one of the two flavours du jour – and, yes, Carmona and all that. The delirium of that Chile model — and President Bachelet is one tortured witness to that model — continues undiminished, undiminishing. But we digress. We look at how alternative media sees matters.

We turn to Mark Weisbrot of CEPR writing for The Guardian.

The truth about Venezuela: a revolt of the well-off, not a ‘terror campaign’. An excerpt,

Walking from the working-class neighborhood of Sabana Grande to the city center, there was no sign that Venezuela is in the grip of a “crisis” that requires intervention from the Organization of American States (OAS), no matter what John Kerry tells you. The metro also ran very well, although I couldn’t get off at Alta Mira station, where the rebels had set up their base of operations until their eviction this week.

And, an anecdotal story – a major fear of those Venezuelans returning recently to Caracas has been the danger of and at the barricades set up by these cells, not the Maduro government. No, not the Maduro government. But to the Obama régime and the US MSM facts matter not.

Weisbrot’s article is more telling when considered with this news report from the same Guardian.

Venezuela legislators demand investigation into opposition deputy. An excerpt,

She [Machado] rose to prominence in 2003 through an organisation that helped the opposition to gather signatures for what would ultimately be a failed recall referendum in 2004 against Hugo Chávez.

That group received financing from the US, in what Chávez called Washington‘s meddling in the country’s affairs.

She won less than 5% of the vote in the 2012 opposition primaries to choose a candidate who would face down Chávez in that year’s election.Chávez died of cancer a year ago.

[bold added for emphasis]

What percent did this US favourite win? Now really. That is one popular candidate – for the US government and its supine MSM. And the misinformed USans are none the wiser. Which brings us to this tidbit from the americas blog of CEPR,

OAS Votes Not to “Turn Itself Into a Circus”, excerpts from Jake Johnston’s report,

Earlier this week, in a highly irregular move, Panama offered its seat at the regular meeting of the OAS Permanent Council today to Venezuelan opposition lawmaker María Corina Machado. Machado, along with Leopoldo López, are the leaders of the “La Salida” — “The Exit” — campaign, which calls for street protests to oust the current government.


Many within the Venezuela opposition and the media were quick to cast the vote as a move to censor Machado and prevent her message from being heard. Others have presented the vote as a barometer of support for the Venezuelan government and opposition. Brazil, which voted to make the meeting private, has quite a different explanation:

The objective of this meeting is not to turn itself into a circus for an outside audience as some representatives have shown they want to do.

And we do remember Brazil and that little episode of US comprehensive surveillance of any and everybody, and any and everything there (and elsewhere)? Clearly, this has gone past obsession. Lunacy bordering on self-destruction seems more apt. Inequality in the US continues to increase, prospects for its young and aged appear ever more bleak, infrastructure continues to decay, the one percenters keep getting richer, the architects of the financial collapse continue at large, and the sole preoccupation of this ‘superpower’ is to control, and if not, destabilise or destroy any and every non-subservient independent country, especially any with sizeable energy resources?

And for that irreverent Parthian shot. Does that recent little episode in Ukraine suggest anything?…

…ah, but for the blogs and alternative media…