…can’t buy me love; but ambassadorships, governance…

…with all due respect to the Beatles…

The clueless and the crass, the disgrace of a nation?

The surprise is that there is surprise. The evidence has been there for anyone to see from the US Presidency to its legislators to its ambassadors – had there not been that comfortable illusion of ‘the beacon of freedom and democracy’ thing so shrilly promoted.

Even the US MSM is out of sorts that such cluelessness can be so public. An op-ed writer at WaPo is highly exercised at the thing, Obama’s ambassador nominees are a disservice to diplomacy

TPM sets out the embarrassment early, if embarrassment is possible,  Obama Bundler Nominated As Ambassador To Argentina Says He’s Never Been There. Another  Obama supporter is rewarded for ‘good deeds’, becoming eligible to buy an ambassadorship. Of course, this is the same Argentina that the shrill US MSM so enjoys pillorying — while it is catching its breath after doing the same to Venezuela.

Even the truly corporate US network, ABC, takes time out from stenography and joins the fray to toss in some jibes — the haplessness of US foreign policy just seems to outdo itself, sullying and unraveling the yarn the media spins on the nobleness of US intentions abroad, 5 Most Cringe-Worthy Blunders From Obama’s Ambassador Nominees.

And, as for behaviour, not just performance, of those appointed to the posts, we have, Rogin Destroys Psaki Over ‘Track Record’ Of Obama Political Appointees Failing As Ambassadors. And it’s ugly.

From the readily available data on the cost of an ambassadorship in the US, we have this from center for public integrity, See the ambassadorships big money can bring. There we see how much the post to each country costs. Some countries should be offended (?) at how cheaply an ambassadorship there sells for — while voters of the US should certainly be concerned at the corporate ownership of their supposed representatives.

Then, again, those inexperienced buyers of ambassadorial posts have stiff competition in incompetence when compared with their ‘qualified’ colleagues. The disastrous roll call of ‘ambassadors’ to the UN is evidence enough – where being out of their depth is compensated for by sheer crassness, crudeness and the results of spying on their colleagues from other countries. And if that was not bad enough, along comes an ‘assistant secretary of state’ who is an unalloyed neocon and who does what neocons do, seek to subvert or overthrow any government until its pliable representatives are in place – democracy in action.

No surprise then that we learn that Ukraine is being treated as the traditional Central American banana republic. Obscenity seems par for the course in dialogue in the US though not so much in many other countries. Eric Margolis over at common dreams is among the many who treat with this sordid but all too common affair, with ‘F….Europe’. Excerpts,

How delicious was it that Nuland’s pithy reference to Europe and her plans for a new western-confected government in Ukrainian – where the US insists it is not at all interfering – were picked by Russian electronic intelligence and played to the world. How dim for Madame Nuland to speak so thoughtlessly on her cell phone.

Of late, Nuland and other senior US officials have been blasting Moscow for “meddling” in Ukraine. The leaked phone recording has Nuland telling the US ambassador to Kiev which of the three opposition candidates Washington wants to run Ukraine.

Nuland’s plans for regime change in Kiev have been a godsend to Moscow, which claims the US and EU are behind the uprising in Ukraine. She has just undermined the democratic Ukrainian opposition by making them look like American puppets

The Guardian adds to the story with, Angela Merkel: Victoria Nuland’s remarks on EU are unacceptable, with some defining excerpts,

“We’ve got to do something to make it stick together, because you can be pretty sure that if it does start to gain altitude the Russians will be working behind the scenes to try to torpedo it,” Pyatt replies.

In the phone call, Nuland suggests that Klitschko, the former world champion boxer, is not yet suited to take a major government role, in contrast to Yatsenyuk.

“I don’t think Klitsch should go into the government,” she apparently said.

“I think Yats is the guy who’s got the economic experience, he’s got the governing experience,” she adds.

No, the obscenities are much less significant in this context – these people are conspiring to change a democratically elected government. The visit to Ukraine of one Senator of ‘We are all Georgians’ fame was the first indicator of mischief afoot. Yats? Klitsch? Now, now that’s familiar…

So, with each passing day the allegations of so many Latin American countries are being confirmed elsewhere. And, yes, that assistant secretary of state is of that lot that brought, and continues to bring, disaster especially to the peoples of Middle East and Libya — vigorous enhancement of George W Bush policies, or rather those of the Permanent Committee.

And as evidence of amateur hour, Jonathan Karl of the same ABC network eschews the customary fluff of the compliant media and gets to the point with his questions, and exposes also the fraudulence, vacuousness of some of the officials, What Does It Cost To Be Ambassador – Jon Karl to State Dept

…The best democracy money can buy? Consider the evidence…