…pondering inequality, inheritance and respect…

…well, why not we let Chris Dillow have a go at this. From over at his blog, stumbling and mumbling, we get some thoughts…

WHY INEQUALITY MATTERS. His observation on Emma Harrison helps to set the issue of inequality in some harsh perspective. We have a modification of that ‘the poor we have always with us’ saying to ‘we must ensure more poor always with us as we cash in on their poverty’.

OUR PARENTAL INHERITANCE. Do we inherit contentment from merely making ends meet each month? Or would our experience and changing environment create new aspirations, ambitions?

RESPECT. He goes from JayZ to workers banned from using certain elevators.

Thought-provoking posts from Dillow who classifies himself as Marxist, not ‘Marxist’. Clearly, not the week-end nor cocktail party Marxist.

…the 99% of the world would welcome at least this, as Aretha so memorably put it,