…curiouser and curiouser, russia and the vatican…

…curiouser and curiouser, indeed. as in the real world and even ‘Alice in Wonderland’…

Let’s see. Russia, with its President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov, had averted a Middle East conflagration with the cooking up of a case for invasion by the US, and ‘spun’ by its Secretary of State and its President. Turns out that the ‘proof’ that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons against its citizens never existed, and the figure of 1429 fatalities as against the upper range of some 500 from reputable sources, while continually repeated as ‘fact’ in US MSM, proved to be a baseless and transparent cover for war. The world, already dealing with the worldwide electronic surveillance conducted by the US, was neither amused nor admiring of the failed stratagem. The US public had registered their opposition to war to their representatives, who, this time, got their message. But highly lucrative opportunities from war were lost. Not good.

Pope Francis had launched a plea for social and economic justice for the increasing impoverished and destitute of the world, indicting unfettered Western capitalism. The US President would then seek to co-opt and neutralise that message, just as he had successfully done with the Occupy Wall Street movement — no one was impressed other than the US MSM. The cruelty and crudeness of Western, especially US, capitalism being exposed. And the Pope, very popular across the world, and not just with Catholics. More and more US citizens finally observing their declining economic fortunes. Not good. Not good at all. A redemptive ‘pivot’ (silly word) had to take place.

Now while Russia and the Catholic Church each has significant pressing issues to deal with and resolve, the unsubtle murmurings carried by the MSM served to raise unintended questions. And the answers were quick in coming. The US warned of possible ‘terrorist’ attacks at the Winter Games, yet viewing them not quite as likely (as occurred at the Atlanta Summer Olympics). And the US UN had just recently launched a broadside against Russia, having earlier done the same against the Vatican. The same was not the case when another country and its allies were conducting wholesale destruction, death and displacement — indeed, the US UN Secretary-General (SG) had often served as loyal spokesman, with strings attached, very visible. Yet still neither apology ni compensation from the SG for the cholera thing in Haiti.

The ‘pivoteer’, the ‘whirling dervish’, this time, still spinning giddily. The intended ‘come-uppance’, unrealised, still spinning giddily. Time to retire that ‘pivot’? Time for the Great Awakening of US citizens to arrest an untidy Unraveling?