…food for thought, and a NYT editorial…

…And while even Dr Pangloss may urge caution…

A few articles that we feel should inspire thought – for the start of the year. And we have ‘that’ editorial from the NYT (same NYT???) calling for whistleblower status for, yes, Edward Snowden — that, then, a start of the turning of a new leaf into more consistent responsible journalism? Today, NYT; tomorrow, WaPo?

And so into 2014, that long hoped for Annus Mirabilis, we plunge.

Krugman in his blog at the NYT with 266 And All That. Concise yet profound – Krugman, clearly. And that puzzling title that bedeviled with the immortal ‘don’t tell me, it’s at the tip of the tongue’ – until one of the many very informed commenters ended the torment.

Chris Dillow over at stumbling and mumbling examines the topic of RESPECTThere is a nice tie-in with the issue of inequality. Also, proof that there are economists who do know of JayZ and similar personalities.

Tim Taylor over at conversable economist weighs in on the weighty topic of an economic life, The Moral Significance of Economic Life: Aristotle vs. Locke.

As we had mentioned, Dean Baker has assumed that unenviable task in his blog, beat the press, of ever correcting sloppy or uninformed reporting and analysis on economics by much of the establishment MSM. And proof positive of the importance of continually identifying and refuting those continually repeated falsehoods, we have again Krugman with, Disinformation on Inequality. Ignorance of economics or the misuse of economics? Krugman shows that that facts and reality are no impediment to sterile imaginings of some reporter that end up being published in the  ‘prestigious’ WSJ (corr.!) – PK would give a pass on David Kocieniewski’s article in the NYT. And, no, ‘disinformation’ is not a strong word.

Kathleen Geier has a recent blog of interest, which focuses on inequality, Inequality Matters. This is yet another source, here on inequality, to alert and inform folk with analysis and conclusions that would always become ‘discovered’, ‘new’, only when some important event looms, such as some election or negative poll numbers.

..2014, the year of full ascendancy of the blog and new media? Much better informed  and engaged citizens with unwelcome surprises for the smug establishment politicians?…