…we are all franciscans now! or, franciscan communists?…

When the famously ill-informed and reflexively opinionated US Senator, War Hero, had declared, ‘We are all Georgians now!’, even the uninformed declined recruitment, and wisely so. Fortunately, we have a new, more meaningful challenge for the unengaged and the increasingly dispossessed. So, then, are we now Catholics instead? And would that would make us even socialists? Or communists? And do we have a timely and awkward topic from which the corporate media will predictably flee in guilty panic?

Pope Francis has made some strange but refreshing utterances that may well earn him closer electronic surveillance. In his Apostolic Exhortation, he has commented on the stark and increasing inequality and despair in most countries of the world, with one that towers in stark relief.

From Bill Gardner over at incidental economist, there is no beating about the bush. Quote: “Where the powerful feed upon the powerless.”

We also get this gem from Kieran Healy over at crooked timber,  Karl Marx or Pope Francis?  

In that pop quiz some success was due strictly to identifying a writing style of another era. Not good – a clear C minus. Which makes us Marxists? Or Franciscans? Or Franciscan Marxists? Or…

A welcome pause for reflection.

As that Franciscan invitation in Evangelii Gaudium to contemplation and compassion and action was being accepted by the multitudes, albeit mainly helpless, the US President was very engaged, fulfilling that much anticipated annual ritual. He has pardoned two turkeys that even have names. Pardon for what, we still do not know. Pity that he could not have done the same for the hundreds of millions in the US and elsewhere who struggle daily to survive against the increasing depredations of unregulated and militarily supported MNCs. Then again the US President is understandably busy among the the 1% ‘doing God’s work’. Audacity of hope?