…journalistic responsibilities of tv media – in africa, not us…

The untidy, but not entirely unexpected, proceedings of the Climate Conference in Warsaw, Poland did attract media attention. And deservedly, so.

Strange thing though, something Prof Juan Cole noted over at informed consent. The US establishment tv set found the goings-on, insufficiently attractive to cover. Dull stuff. No threat of war, death by the score. No strutting and threatening US officials to galvanise the insufficiently unemployed and over-paid tv chatterers. Clearly, dull stuff.

Yet, in Africa, a continent not a country, there is a country with a tv station, lacking all the whiz-bang technological wizardry of the US giants of TV technology, that considered the issue of sufficient global concern to cover it for its citizens. And that country, Kenya. And from the US, only a resource-challenged Amy Goodman with her Democracy Now! team would be the US presence. Journalistic responsibilities?

From Prof Cole’s post, Kenya’s KTN outshines American Media in Climate Change Coverage: 2013 among 10 Hottest Years since 1850, the obvious conclusion is once more confirmed. There is an element of utter frivolousness of that US tv lot, an element of cynical irresponsibility that reflects poorly on the country. When a shopping day, curiously named Black Friday, is excitedly touted as vitally more important than climate change and its consequences for mankind, well, not much more can be said. Then, again, there is that ‘pardoning of the turkey’ event in the US for the world to look forward to.