…partners? abandon hopelessness, all ye…

For success we take as incentive, as energizer, the daily mission of this lovable scoundrel and his sidekick, and consider the effects of the evil version.

In the halcyon days (for those who controlled the medium), the froth and superficiality that passed as information and analysis would become received truth and wisdom by most. Not so today. The internet, and the freedom it still offers, would become the countervailing force, slowly at first, then gathering momentum as the traditional media continued to fall into greater disrepute that it continues to invite on itself. We go back to an issue of the day that serves as opportunity.

As if there were any doubt of the ‘facilitation’ of the establishment Mainstream Media (MSM) in the journey toward an entrenched global corporatocracy, we have the ‘gray lady’ issuing its imprimatur on the secretly negotiated Transpacific Partnership (TPP). Lots of nice stuff such as lower tariffs and goodies for the well-behaved tots – lots and lots of wool used to spin the yarn. Somehow one gets the impression that just saying something about the media results in their fulfillment of the statement? The nonsense would not be so bad, were the reach of the US media, cable news especially, not so global – and that makes dispelling such nonsense, such misinformation, all the more critical.

In any case, ‘Yves Smith’ of naked capitalism is not amused by the obvious ‘corporateness’ of the NYT editorial, A Pacific Trade Deal

[The iconoclasts amongst us would surmise that we have here a corporate news release?]

And, highly exercised, she lets loose, eschewing the normal literary compulsion of abstract analysis – which, finally, is good news for readers. The scam that is this ‘partnership’ thing is just that, it is of, by, and for corporate interests with the accordingly funded official support. Your Humble Blogger Discusses the Pending Trade Deals and JP Morgan on Le Show!

[The implication for other countries of any ‘partnership’ should be obvious. Imagine a ‘partnership’ between the US and Honduras, as exists?]

One benefit of the ‘partnership’, lower tariffs? Lower than what? Drivel. Instead, how about the objective being an agreement to implement the lowest regulatory requirements such as farm and agricultural products, environmental pollution, worker exploitation? How about to protect ‘intellectual property’ rights (patents and copyrights)? And which country most seeks the interests of patent and copyright holders? And how about to deny rights of redress to a country in which the international, the multinational corporation, has committed egregious and uncorrected violations? Ecuador, and its ‘lakes of petroleum’, comes to mind. 

But we give the word to the indefatigable Dean Baker of CEPR, who, with his blog, beat the press, seems to instantaneously castigate the media for its every cynical or false utterance on matters of economics. And despite other responsibilities, he does so daily, with incisive analysis and readily available evidence. From such offerings readers can become better informed and more questioning. He offers his take with, NYT Endorses Imaginary TPP Deal

…so we ready ourselves each day to again state, 2+2=4, and 4=2+2. Even if we may occasionally have to take turns at doing so?…

Life must have been no joy before Gutenberg.