…no, mrs k, it is not bart…

…but even if so…

From economists view blog we get this link to the Harvard Magazine online edition. What would come as a shock to most? The Simpsons was not just laden with wit and satire, it apparently had other goodies that mentioned the frighteningly unmentionable, even if very obliquely so – mathematics.  Mathematics in “The Simpsons”

This topic had been covered in The Guardian, in a series of articles, with one by the very author in September, The Simpsons’ secret formula: it’s written by maths geeks. The math nugget that puzzled, that and no more, at even the repeat, was the question on the number of spectators at that famous Springfield baseball game. The mention of serious maths and puzzles Singh highlights in the article, clever use without disrupting the humour,

The first proper episode of the series in 1989 contained numerous mathematical references (including a joke about calculus), while the infamous “Treehouse of Horror VI” episode presents the most intense five minutes of mathematics ever broadcast to a mass audience. Moreover, The Simpsons has even offered viewers an obscure joke about Fermat’s last theorem, the most notorious equation in the history of mathematics.

Thus, the ‘erudite’ amongst us now have a ‘justification’ (?) for watching the show instead of mindless cable ‘news’? And not stuff like this as justification? Releasing the Pacifiers (The music??? Got it?)

Clearly, Mrs K did have some really inattentive students, not just Bart.