…friday’s follies and the us…the irony and the ecstasy..

A gem from the ‘newspaper of record’, the NYT. Under the byline, LISTENING POST, yes, comes this classic under the heading, Eavesdropping Casualty: Leaders’ Warm Rapport and we get the line from its Mark Landler,

For President Obama, the erosion of his relationship with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany is a painful cost of the phone-tapping episode

Ah, the irony. And as the late BB King famously sang, ‘The thrill is gone.’ And, instead, Chancellor Merkel should now sing, ‘The chill is on.’ Nothing like a violation of one’s privacy and the exposed facade of friendship, duplicitous at that.

…And US democracy in action. With just a few tactical absences, the elite of the US government would show total bipartisan accord – in their ecstatic eulogising of Winston Churchill. As The Guardian reported, Churchill’s bust unites Washington in bombast and circumstance

Taking turns at the lectern on Wednesday, leaders of the House and Senate tried to out-do each other with grandiose declarations of admiration. It was the kind of hero worship that comes naturally to Americans, but from which Britons, still awkward about their colonial history, might recoil.

Not to mention that many other nations would see Churchill differently, very differently. And, of course, not to mention that these elite legislators and officials, ever eager for war and ever solicitous of the welfare of their financiers, have done very little to alleviate the misfortunes of the declining middle class and the increasing poor and destitute. No need to observe that those misfortunes visited on many  other countries are the direct result of the shenanigans of the privileged financial institutions. But what bonhomie. Ah, the ecstasy.