…the beacon of democracy…the hypocrisy…the fraudulence…

‘The greatest democracy in the history of the world’… And as events continue to unfold – and no thanks to an enabling US establishment media.

Hypocrisy (Is The Greatest Luxury)

Martha Finnemore and I have a piece in the new Foreign Affairs (http://fam.ag/1eGsdT1 should get you past the paywall for the next few weeks) on Snowden, Manning, and how it’s suddenly more difficult for the US to rely on hypocrisy.

As the heat continues to build, as it should have done in the case of Dilma, we have,  NSA surveillance: Merkel’s phone may have been monitored ‘for over 10 years’

But what did the famous Jay Carney say?

Now really. Qualification for these jobs? Political connections, some degree or the other, and the proclivity to spout vapid nonsense to an enabling media with the expectation that a decreasingly credulous US populace will fall for the drivel? The Snowden files continue to expose the utter complicity of the establishment media, from cable news to print, and their utter untrustworthiness – a surfeit of overwhelming evidence. If only any of these officials could have dared to do the verboten and ‘look backward’, they would have discovered that Khrushchevian trap to avoid?

And, now, even the Telegraph of the UK??? The Telegraph? Is there no respite?

Barack Obama ‘approved tapping Angela Merkel’s phone 3 years ago’

President Barack Obama was personally informed about secret US monitoring of Angela Merkel three years ago, according to latest reports on the eavesdropping affair.

The President allowed the National Security Agency (NSA) to continue spying on the German chancellor, it was claimed.

Mr Obama was told of the secret monitoring of Mrs Merkel by General Keith Alexander, the head of the NSA, in 2010, according to Bild am Sonntag, a German newspaper.

“Obama did not stop the action at that time but allowed it to continue,” a US intelligence source close to the NSA operation told the Sunday newspaper.

The White House later commissioned an extensive NSA dossier about Mrs Merkel, according to Bild.

And that from the Telegraph, not The Guardian? And what was that sophomoric statement from that Jay Carney on behalf of the US government? So much for that myth of terrorism, so profitable to the MIC and so costly to trusting ‘friends’ and ‘allies’ – other than the pre-qualified Four of the Five Eyes…

So, a look back, and that hectic September suddenly no longer seems so hectic, chaotic, and embarrassing. Then it was that we had this little gem from the Vietnam War Hero Secretary of State as firedoglake reminds us

Kerry Labels Assad ‘Hitler’ Despite Dining With Him, British Sold Syria Chemical Weapons For Civil War

Ah, yes. That incriminating fixation on Hitler, whose style of governance, aside that horrific exception, has been improved upon elsewhere.

And for the coda, follow up notes to that Foreign Affairs article from one of the authors, Henry Farrell: The Politics of Hypocrisy

When will October ever end? Time to call a time out? Unfortunately this is life, not basketball, not US-football.