…the 1%…a comic reality…

Using comedy to describe the state of economic affairs of the US (and elsewhere), the late comedian, George Carlin weighs in (with some strong but appropriate language). Carlin has been stating the obvious for years, an observation that seemed to resonate only at the moment, with little subsequent action from its intended beneficiaries – as today’s events continue to show. [Strong language]

On the other hand, comedian Russell Brand of the UK discards comedy, and instead resorts to irony and sarcasm in his interview by Jeremy Paxman of the BBC. Russell Brand rails against ‘corporate and economic exploitation’ in viral BBC interview Brand exposes the complicity and hypocrisy of the likes of Paxman in ignoring the plight of the increasingly disadvantaged of today in a very corrupt system, and instead emotionally empathising with the suffering of one of his past generation that is of the past.

Better news is that Brand has successfully used the medium of the BBC to convey his message that is spreading across the world through other media such as RT and common dreams, media that continue to earn greater respect and credibility.

The lesson of life from these comedians, a lesson so obvious that many of the 99% may have overlooked it: To be incurious and inactive is to exacerbate the conditions of one’s existence. And the establishment media contributes precious little to alleviating the plight of the 99%, since its role is to sell the message of the privileged.