…meanwhile, in the backyard…

Over at ‘The Americas Blog’ of CEPR we ‘see something’, about which we ‘say something’, since such, though known, will remain unreported lest it undermine the agenda of the corporate media.

The media seem to have forgotten that PR fear-instilling command, ‘If you see something, say something’ – that pursues the traveler throughout the airports and public transport in the US. But then truth is less important than PR and propaganda?

You Probably Didn’t Hear that Venezuela Was Again Ranked the Happiest Country in South America

The good news for that lot is that the US did triumph over the likes of Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador,Uruguay and Bolivia. That the US was ranked at 17th, somewhat (?) below all the ‘socialist’ Scandinavian countries is much less important than beating, euphemistically speaking, those pro patria, ergo anti-US, countries in ‘the backyard’. However, Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico did score higher than the US, suggesting a recount may be clearly needed.

…And how churlish can publicly embarrassed bullies be? Just couple snippets.

EE.UU. prohibió sobrevuelo por Puerto Rico del avión presidencial venezolano

El ministro de Relaciones Exteriores de Venezuela, Elías Jaua, denunció que el Gobierno de Estados Unidos negó el permiso de sobrevuelo del avión presidencial en Puerto Rico. El diplomático dio a conocer que el Gobierno evaluará otra ruta para cumplir con el itinerario hacia China.

And to be clever by a half, the simple-mindedness continues cheerily along with the clear indication of lunacy.

EE.UU. autorizó con retraso uso de su espacio aéreo a presidente Maduro

El presidente venezolano recibió con retraso la autorización del gobierno estadounidense para sobrevolar el espacio aéreo estadounidense. Maduro se dirige a China para revisar las relaciones con la nación asiática.

So, after the President’s official plane has already made its detour on its way to China, a US foreign policy ‘expert’ comes up with the classic. And the irony is that the denial of overflight is for its colony, Puerto Rico.

Irrationality. Unpredictability. A dangerous, highly combustible mix for a highly militarised country now fully invested in violence as its primary tool of governance, diplomacy and civility.