hubris and reality. Middle East, war; the US, economic pain …

Prof Juan Cole provides a pragmatic lesson, understandable to even the perennial foreign policy tyros of yet another militaristic US administration. While for such folk folly is preferable to wisdom, lessons will thus not be learned. Unfortunately for these cynical officials, wide-spread opposition in the US to yet another war, lucrative for the entitled, suggests a Great Awakening and Recognition, after so many years, to the con of exploiting ‘patriotism’. Prof Cole examines one area of hubris, The Hubris of the Syria Interventionists 

That hubris, sense of exceptionalism, is not limited to only war against militarily weak nations. That the President of the US would, all expert and public opinion to the contrary, insist on promoting the candidacy of Larry Summers as Fed Chair should have come as no surprise. Anyone remembers Time magazine’s cover, The Committee to Save the World?

Juan Cole tries to be polite, as he examines the awesomeness of one of Time’s three super heroes. Summers withdraws from Fed consideration; Won’t be Rewarded for Beggaring Us All

To imperiously ignore the most eligible, the most suitable candidate, Janet Yellen, in favour of another, qualifications aside, very complicit in the economic chaos inflicted not only on the US economy but also on most elsewhere is to confirm all consuming hubris, a callous disregard of reality. More offensive is the unsubtle campaigning for such a candidate – when even the NYT expressed concern about the suitability of Mr Summers.

Greg Palast, whom Juan Cole also quotes, eschews the academic niceties of Prof Cole with his, Larry Summers and the Secret “End-Game” Memo

Can it be that the fate of the 99% is, at long last, receiving some attention by an increasing number of ‘renegade’ legislators in the US? Will the 99%, at long last, be beneficiary of ‘humanitarian intervention’ of the economic kind? Or will there be a ‘pivot’ with the resulting ‘plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose’?