‘our oldest ally’, from freedom fries back to french fries…

Foreign policy of the United States, as written by The Bard, William Shakespeare

“…I am in blood stepped in so far that should I wade no more, Returning were as tedious as go o’er…”

Even with ‘no boots on the ground’…

Members of the British Parliament recently reflected the will of their voting constituents by voting against the obsession of the country’s leaders to join the US on yet another obligatory overt rampage. Last time its PM got such a comeuppance was in 1782, and the nuisance then was a renegade colony, US. [In all this urgency for death and destruction from some Western politicians no mention is made at all about peace in Syria, or even the region.]

To assume such a democratic procedures to take place in the US would suggest self-delusion. Once upon a time, many US law makers consigned the term, ‘french fries’ to the dustbin of history. Yes, yes, these are the same people who arbitrarily recommend which countries should be invaded or attacked to inflict death and destruction or its leaders deposed or worse. French dressing would meet the same fate. And derision would have little impact, after all who really has weapons of mass destruction.

In a nutshell, with a woefully inexperienced and self-absorbed President and advisors of similar sterling attributes the folly of staving off imperial collapse by wanton death and destruction continues to go unrecognised as the inevitable occurs – in slow motion.

And like any US prime time TV show, each of the many political characters has the respective cavalcade of corporate and financial sponsors. With the ever complicit US corporate media, the case would be made, and the uncorrupted voices of caution ignored. So much for expecting any application of principles of democracy, as fund raisers beckon. In any case, there is that thing of approval from the Security Council.

So then, the sudden, unplanned ascendance of France brings to mind Haiti, where the US was also the ‘bag man’ for the French as they both extorted reparations from a country that dared to free itself from slavery. That reunited twerking twosome would be on a roll there until 1947 – we leave out the US occupation era and its separate shenanagins there. Their zeal to attack Syria evokes memory of the fact that conclusive evidence points to the cause of the cholera outbreak that killed over 8,000 Haitians and affected tens of thousands, evidence that has resulted in neither contrition nor atonement. And, yes, that same Haiti that was hit by a devastating earthquake earlier. From Common Dreams we get some well delivered ridicule with further exposure of the unmitigated hypocrisy, From Surrender Monkey to Oldest Ally. (And President Assad now falls from the ‘my dear friend’ list of the chief diplomat of the US.)

And for some crême de la crême. The sudden urgency to ‘punish’ Syria today, was it designed several year ago? (Rhetorical). We quote (ret) Gen Wesley Clark from Lambert Strethner’s article in Naked Capitalism.

So I came back to see him a few weeks later, and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan. I said, “Are we still going to war with Iraq?” And he said, “Oh, it’s worse than that.” He reached over on his desk. He picked up a piece of paper. And he said, “I just got this down from upstairs” — meaning the Secretary of Defense’s office — “today.” And he said, “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” I said, “Is it classified?” He said, “Yes, sir.” I said, “Well, don’t show it to me.” And I saw him a year or so ago, and I said, “You remember that?” He said, “Sir, I didn’t show you that memo! I didn’t show it to you!”

So the intention is to destroy, fragment Arab/Moslem countries that, unlike, say, Saudi Arabia or Kuwait or Bahrain, fail to adhere to the democratic principles of the US, Democracy in action.

And. clearly missing in all this mad rush to ever more death and destruction are voices of any leaders in, say, any Asian, African or Latin American country. Some would dare to think that Brazil or India or Malaysia has a more worthy voice than, say, France or the UK or even the US? Unless, of course, the criterion to be invited to the Imperial Den of Death is to be a former colonial power? Then why not invite Belgium? After all, there was King Leopold with his impeccable bona fides.